Baptized with Wines 於酒受浸

January 29, 2018


You drive 3 km east from Rhône river and arrive at a well-preserved historical town. The sun shines on the narrow rocky pavements sandwiched by rows of ancient pale yellow buildings of a few stories. Further away there lies vibrant grapevines standing in an orderly fashion on numerous pieces of flat land. This is the home of the finest red wines, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, one of the regions in Rhône Valley of southern France, that has archived centuries of magnificent winemaking. Why the region is so closely related to history is not only years of endeavor of winemakers, but also its meaningful name. The quality, name, history, and fame altogether nurture the success of the designation that ties every wine lover with the wines.


從名為Rhône的河流駛向東面3公里,你會到達一個保留完好的古老小鎮。陽光照射著狹窄的行人石路,兩旁豎立著一排排幾層高、淺黃色的古舊建築,遠處無數的平地種植了排列整齊和充滿生命力的葡萄藤。這片天地叫教皇新堡,是傑出紅酒的家鄉,位於法國南部的Rhône Valley,紀錄了數個世紀出眾的釀酒技術。這個充滿歷史氣息的地區不單關乎釀酒師多年的努力,亦緊扣它充滿意義的名字。教皇新堡的品質、名字、歷史及聲譽培育了自身的成功,使它與葡萄酒愛好者留下深深的羈絆。

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