New World Pinot Noir Challenge 貪新不忘舊 新世界黑皮諾對碰

November 25, 2017


The gentle and delicate style of Burgundian pinot engraved in our minds. This ancient variety has undergone mutations along the history leading to the creation of a number of varieties that we are familiar with today. Since the 1960s, the French have started to develop a number of Pinot Noir clones, which has been spread to wine regions all around the world and shaped the various styles of the New World Pinot Noir.




In US California, for example, the cultivation of Pinot Noir grew significantly after the 1990s, mainly in Sonoma, Central Coast and Mendocino County. Carneros is also a crucial winemaking region. In Oregon, the climate is extremely cool and humid, giving rise to high quality Pinot Noir and is often compared to Burgundian counterpart.




In Southern Hemisphere, Pinot Noir can be found in nearly every Province of Argentina. Uprising regions like Casablanca and San Antonio of Chile is quite well-known in making fine Pinot Noir expressions. Australian and New Zealand Pinot are even more recognized by international drinkers, especially Geelong, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Tasmania of Australia; Martinbourough, Canterbury and Central Otago of NZ are some of the big names on the modern global Pinot Noir map.







The Info of the Judges of 95th Wine.Luxe Challenge