The 2017 Guangdong- Hong Kong - Macau Restaurants Golden Chart Presentation Ceremony 2017粵港澳金榜食府巡禮

October 19, 2017

Forum Restaurant is considered the legendary local restaurant. The 40th anniversary of the iconic eatery coincided with the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover. The 2017 Guangdong- Hong Kong - Macau Restaurants Golden Chart, organized and hosted by China Media Network (CMN), announced the winners in mid-Aug. Forum Restaurant was proud to be endorsed the “Diamond” Prize and "The Travelers’ Most Trusted Brands" of the year.



The 2017 Guangdong- Hong Kong - Macau Restaurants Golden Chart gathered the most prestigious restaurants within the region and invited highly acclaimed chef Mr. Yeung Koon Yat and sommelier Dr. Bandy Choi to be the VIP guests of the award presenting ceremony.




The mysterious authenticity of Bordeaux wine brought out many talented sommeliers, and Bandy is one of these genius sommeliers. Over the past few decades, he devoted to pass his expertise to the next generation across mainland, Hong Kong and Macau and he is well known as an ambassador for wine culture. Bandy expressed his honor of being invited to attend the ceremony.



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