著名暢銷美國、澳州葡萄酒品牌Blossom Hill 及 19 Crimes登陸香港 Best-Selling Blossom Hill and 19 Crimes Landed HK

October 19, 2017

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) announced the introduction of two wine brands from Australia and the US - Blossom Hill and 19 Crimes – into Hong Kong market, which positioned and focused on F&B channels. Earlier Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) hosted a wine and food pairing session in Tsim Sha Tsui, showcasing the great culinary pairing potential of the wines under the two brands.


富邑葡萄酒集團於8月尾宣佈旗下來自美國、澳洲的著名葡萄酒品牌Blossom Hill及19 Crimes正式進軍香港市場,將以餐飲渠道為推廣重點。早前Treasury Wine Estates於尖沙咀一家舉辦了一場葡萄酒與美食配對傳媒品試會,向嘉賓展示了兩個品牌葡萄酒精彩多元的美食搭配潛力。




Blossom Hill was established in 1992 in California. Renowned for its fresh, fragrant and fruity style, it quickly secured as one of the best-selling wine brands in the British market. The easy drinking Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc known for rich fruit suit for diverse occasions and are best served with various dishes and friends and family. Another brand 19 Crimes, based on the innovative idea of brave and dauntless spirit, paying tribute to the first batch of culprit immigrants from the United Kingdom to Australia. Its interesting brand positioning, avant-garde packaging combined with its approachable wine made it one of the most popular brands in both Australian and US market. We tried the Red Blend which has prominent oak touch and vanilla aroma on the nose, and a touch of chocolate and cedar in mouth; while Shiraz is more rich in red fruit characters, with vanilla and dark chocolate, robust tannins just like the content of the brand story itself.


Blossom Hill始於1992年加州,其清新風格、馥郁果香、柔順口感,讓它迅速成為英國市場名列前茅的暢銷葡萄酒品牌,全新引進香港市場的設拉子及長相思以濃郁果香著稱,適合於不同場合、搭配不同菜式與親朋好友一同享飲;另一品牌19 Crimes,理念源自創新、勇敢的大無畏精神,致敬第一批從英國移民到澳洲殖民地的輕罪犯,其有趣的品牌定位、前衛的包裝結合釀製出平易近人的葡萄酒,在澳洲及美國市場皆深受歡迎。當日我們試了當中的紅混釀,橡木特色突出,香草香氣撲鼻而來,結尾透出淡淡巧克力及雪松;設拉子則有更濃郁的紅色水果特色,香草及黑巧克力味道支撐口感,單寧強而有力,就像品牌故事本身一樣。


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February 20, 2018

February 20, 2018

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