Exclusive Château Mercian Wine Dinner with Winemaker - Mr. Shinji Kuroda at Above & Beyond Château Mercian 葡萄酒晚宴 賓客與釀造師共聚 Hotel Icon 天外天

September 5, 2017

With wineries located in the Prefectures of Akita, Nagano, Fukushima and Yamanashi, Château Mercian has been highly acclaimed by wine connoisseurs and in various international wine competitions. On 24th August, the winery hosted a premium wine dinner at Hotel ICON’s Above & Beyond, where winemaker Mr. Shinji Kuroda brought all the guests on a journey of sensation discovering the individualities of a lineup of Château Mercian wines, paired with an 8-course Cantonese menu. Sommelier Mr. Ace Lee Chi Lun explained that Executive Chef Paul Tsui has tailor made the 8-course menu incorporating Japanese ingredients into the delicate Cantonese flavors of his dishes highlights.


􀀦􀁋􀂥􀁗􀁈􀁄􀁘􀀃􀀰􀁈􀁕􀁆􀁌􀁄􀁑Château Mercian位於日本山梨縣,由於地理環境優越,是多雨的日本群島中最干燥與陽光充足的地帶,因此其出產的葡萄酒質素很高,廣受世人所注視,甚至有日本第一酒莊之美譽。早前Château Mercian 於Hotel Icon 的天外天舉辦了一場葡萄酒晚宴,由Château Mercian釀酒師Shinji Kuroda帶領大家細嚐品牌旗下一系列佳釀。酒店品酒師Ace Lee則聯同大廚Paul Tsui,為賓客擬訂8道葡萄酒與美食配對菜單,當中包括日本料理及精緻粵菜。





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