Wine High Club 2017 Portfolio Wine Tasting & Media Luncheon

August 15, 2017

Earlier July, Wine High Club Tasting and Media Luncheon was held at Miramar Hotel, in which a total of over 100 wines under its flagship were showcased. In addition to representatives from various brands, several winemakers were invited to attend and illustrate their winemaking philosophy and wine styles.


The tasting gathered nearly 20 wineries from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia, including Clemens Busch, Jacquinot et Fils, Ackerman, Bordeaux Exclusives, Sichel, Thunevin, Tour Saint Michel, Servin, Jean Pierre Moueix, Guy Charlemagne, Azelia, Malvira, Bruno Rocca, Cocito, Caprili, Fattoria di Petrognanao, Indegenous By La Spinetta, Scagliola, Santome, Grace's Harvest and The Orange Tree. The diverse portfolio covers both mainstream and some rare wine region and grape variety, which amazed all the guests with unforgettable experience.

􁤈􇉧􀝻􀓞􅔰􀡱􆐊􃮉􇖻􀚊􀔧􀷪􀓥􀙈 􀀔􀀓􀀓 􀾃􀖯􈡅􇉐􁴻􀔧􀝱􃮆􀟝

Wine High Club 品酒會及傳媒午宴早前於美麗華酒店舉行,向一眾嘉賓們展出了旗下共100款佳釀。除了各個品牌的代表,大會特別邀請幾個酒莊的釀酒師遠道而來,於午宴期間跟大家分享其釀酒之道及各款酒品的風格。


參與今次品酒會之品牌來自法國、意大利、德國、西班牙及澳洲等5個國家,包括Clemens Busch、Jacquinot et Fils、Ackerman、Bordeaux Exclusives、Sichel、Thunevin、Tour Saint Michel、Servin、Jean Pierre Moueix、Guy Charlemagne、Azelia、Malvira、Bruno Rocca、Cocito、Caprili、Fattoria di Petrognanao、Indegenous By La Spinetta、Scagliola、Santome、Grace’s Harvest及The Orange Tree等,陣容鼎盛又不乏一些較為稀有之產區及品種,給現場嘉賓不少驚喜。



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