The Charisma of Sport Gentleman 動感運動紳士之魅

August 15, 2017

Swiss luxury watch manufacture Baume & Mericer proudly hosted a grand opening event for the pop up exhibition at KONG Art Space last month, for showcasing a few exquisite timepieces tailored for the “Gentlesportsmen”. The stylish celebrities including Annie Liu, Gregory Wong and Cheung Ka Long were invited as the distinguished guests of the opening. They had shared their thoughts with the emcee Sammy Leung, about “Gentlesportsmen” and on sports spirit that are in line with the positive values and effortless finese of the Clifton Club collection.


Clifton Club collection is designed for men who are truly of their time and radiate confidence, for all occasions, professional and sporting. The opening event also displayed several bike stimulators which were developed by a group of brilliant Hong Kong professional graudautes. The celebrities raced against one another to get a taste of the elegance and pure pleasure of being “Gentlesportsmen”.

瑞士高級鐘錶品牌名士錶於上月於KONG Art Space舉行嶄新的Clifton Club腕錶系列發會,呈現幾款專為運動紳士而設計的超卓時計。大會更誠邀一眾名人包括劉心悠、王宗堯、張家朗與司儀森美大談「運動紳士」及運動精神,以回應腕錶系列所帶出的正面價值觀和優雅風度。


Clifton Club是一枚從健身房到重要商務會議都能佩戴的腕錶,是次大會在場內陳設了數部由本地專才畢業生幕後策動的單車模擬器,利用特別組裝的單車製成,讓一眾嘉賓進行比賽,一較高下,感受「運動紳士」的優雅風範,全場不亦樂乎。

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