August 15, 2017

As the property and lifestyle circle of Wheelock Properties, Club Wheelock celebrated its 5th anniversary in July, while it collaborated with Luxe Culinary for the first time in offering luxury catering service. Since the Club’s inception five years ago, they are dedicated to provide updated lifestyle information to our members. They have collaborated with various name brands to organize over 150 events for different age groups which include fashion; fine dining; home living and community involvement. Through participation in these events, members can expand their social circle and enrich their lives.


Mr. Ricky Wong, Managing Director of Wheelock Properties said, “We are most honored to garner these accolades. They serve as recognition from the industry and affirmation from all walks of life, bearing testament to the collaborative hard work and commitment of our team in striving for perfection and continuous innovation.  We will continue to work relentlessly for the benefit of our members.  I believe that Club Wheelock is a key pillar in helping build the Wheelock Properties brand.”


會德豐地產旗下物業及生活風尚社交平台Club Wheelock早前舉辦五週年誌慶派對,公司上下員工均賞面出席,而是次活動更與Luxe Culinary合作,為嘉賓提供一系列精美、高端的到會小食。成立五年以來,Club Wheelock一直致力為會員提供時尚優雅的生活資訊,合共辦逾150次會員活動,為不同年齡組別或興趣人士提供別出心裁、多元化的活動,函蓋衣、食、住、行4大範疇,當中不少活動更與國際知名品牌合作。


會德豐地產常務董事黃光耀說:「我們品牌的成功,Club Wheelock 功不可沒,它是我們推動品牌的主要動力。品牌並非只是一個商標,品牌管理與顧客關係管理不僅僅是單一方面的努力就能成功,而是管理顧客對產品或公司全面體驗的過程,更是會德豐地產全新的品牌管理方法。」



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