Sub-region of Mendoza - Mendoza 的副產區

August 8, 2017

Understanding Mendoza - 瞭解 Mendoza


To understand the whole picture of Argentine wine one has to go deeper into Mendoza, as it contains more than 144,000 hectares (one of the biggest wine regions in the world) of planted vineyards and producing nearly two-thirds of the entire Argentine wine production. 


Mendoza lies on a high flat plain next to the Andes Mountains whose peaks act as a rain shadow. With annual rainfall of 225 mm, extremely sunny and an almost pest-free environment, Mendoza is considered a desert-like region. Fortunately, there is ample snowmelt from the Andes Mountains which is funneled into a vast network of irrigation channels.


Located at 3,000-4,000 feet above sea level, temperatures drop drastically at night which serves to halt the ripening process giving the grapes ample time to ripen and develop their sugar content. This makes for a physiologically ripe grape with good acidity. In Mendoza, elevation is the terroir-specific signifier of quality.












The province’s most historic wine region where you’ll find classic Bodega Lopez, Pascual Toso and Trapiche. An area called Barrancas, which is slightly warmer than the surrounding Maipú, is noted for producing red wines with darker fruit flavors and softer acidity.


傳統的產區,經典的Bodega Lopez、Pascual Toso和Trapiche都在此。當中Barrancas地區平均氣溫比Maipú其他地區略高,其生產的紅酒黑果味較重、酸度較為柔軟。


Luján de Cuyo


Home to the game-changing producer Catena Zapata and other exceptional wineries. Malbec from Cuyo will give more black fruits with Asian spice notes and a dusty or graphite-like finish. Of the sub-regions, Agrelo, Vistalba, Las Compuertas and Perdriel offer some of the most distinguishable differences.


Catena Zapata和其他特殊釀酒廠的家園。 來自Cuyo的馬爾貝克將會提供更多的黑色水果,帶有亞洲香料和灰塵或類似石墨般的表面。 在分區域中,Agrelo,Vistalba,Las Compuertas和Perdriel提供了一些最明顯的區別。


Uco Valley


With some of the highest elevation vineyards of all of Mendoza, the region has attracted producers from all over the world including Clos de la Siete, Bodega Lurton, Altos Los Hormigas, etc, and is known for producing premium wines with elegance and great aging potential.


擁有全區海拔最高的葡萄園,該地吸引了來自世界各地的酒商和釀酒師,包括Clos de la Siete,Bodega Lurton,Altos Los Hormigas等,其出品以優雅和陳年潛力而聞名。


San Rafael


A region with a limited number of wineries, some of which were started by Italian immigrants in the early 1900s. It remains a great value wine region, although few of its producers import to the US.




San Martín


The region is planted with some of Mendoza’s more esoteric varieties including Criolla Grande, Pedro Giménez, Moscatel Rosada, Bonarda, and Tempranillo. Malbec here is ripe with potential for the garagiste winemakers to come along and do things differently.


種植很多較稀有的品種,包括Criolla Grande,Pedro Giménez、Moscatel Rosada、Bonarda和Tempranillo,Malbec成熟度亦很高,因此是「車房釀酒師」的天堂。


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