A Rising Star 嶄露頭角的高手

August 8, 2017


Until recent years, Argentine wine remains unknown for Asian consumers. Most of its production were self-consumed within the country. Coincided with "globalization" and other factors - Argentine peso has fallen 35% in 2015 followed by the government has abolished export tax, which greatly encouraged the export and its wine was then increasingly noticed by international drinkers.


Therefore we had the chance of tasting these beautiful but affordable wines from South America. Mendoza covers plenty of varieties and styles – sparkling are often elegant and indistinguishable with Champagne; native varieties Torrontés makes incredibly aromatic but dry wine, which is unique and characterful; Cabernet Sauvignon ripens easily without lost of balance; and the most successful Malbec flourishes here, with mainly black fruits often accompanied by enchanting floral nuances which early drinking, but also showing its potential longevity, in which complexity of coffee, leather, fennel develop along the years.


















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