92nd Wine.Luxe Challenge : The Southern Star 廣闊的南美高地

August 8, 2017


With a territory that is four times larger than France, Argentina has a wealth of natural ecosystems includes highly productive vine growing regions stretching at the foot of the Andean strip, to the West of the country, from latitude 22° south to latitude 42° south. The cultivated area covers more than 538,071 acres. High and low altitude, wide difference in temperature, coupled with the increasingly progressive wine technology and deep-rooted wine popular culture, giving the Argentine wine unique personality and quality. 


Starting from 1551 while the first vine was planted, the vineyard coverage spread widely in the central, western and northeastern areas, but the vast majority of its wines were consumed domestically. The late arrival of Neoliberalism in 1990s has finally led the country into the global market, while production of small volumes of top quality wines were boosted and the country has found its position in the global market.






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◆ AUKA Mabec 2013 ◆



Obviously sweet spices, blackberries and other ripe fruit, vanilla, blackcurrant and blueberries. Good balance and medium acidity. An elegant and rich wine.