The Indigenous Grapes 希臘的原生葡萄品種

July 31, 2017

◆ Red Grape Varieties 紅葡萄品種 ◆



❖ Agiorghitiko 


Most widely planted red variety in the country but mainly in Nemea, Peloponnese. Its versatility leads to the production of many different styles of wine, ranging from fresh aromatic reds to extraordinary aged reds. The wines it produces are known for their high level of fruitiness, coloring, great complexity but tend to lack some acidity.


最廣泛種植的紅葡萄品種,主要散佈於Nemea。很高的可塑性,能釀造出 許多不同風格的葡萄酒,從新鮮芳香到陳年的酒都有。以豐富色澤、複雜香氣聞名,但往往缺乏一些酸度。

❖ Mavrodaphne


Literally means "black laurel". It is mainly found in Achaia and Ilia as well as the Ionian Islands. Often blended with Korinthiaki grape to produce fortified dessert wine known as Mavrodaphne, which presents characters of caramel, chocolate, coffee, raisins and plums.



❖ Mavro Kalavritino


The rare variety is mainly grown in the mountains of Egialia and in Kalavrita in the north-west of the Peloponnese. Late ripening, susceptible to Botrytis but resistant to mildew. It is often used to blend with other varieties and produces tannic red wines often with aromas of cherries, spices and violets.



❖ Xinomavro


Predominant in Macedonia, Xinomavro is known for its superb aging potential and their rich tannic character. Their complex aromas combine such red fruits as gooseberry with hints of olives, spices and dried tomatoes.




◆ White Grape Varieties 白葡萄品種 ◆





One of Greece’s finest white varieties which was originated from the island of Santorini. It has natural high acidity that yields a bone-dry wine with citrus aromas along with earthy, mineral aftertaste. It has been planted throughout Greece in recent decades where it expresses a milder and more fruity character. It is also used in the production of unique sweet VINSANTO, well known since Byzantine times.





Originated in the region of Nafpaktos, Malagousia was virtually extinct until Domaine Carras began to re-plant it for producing high quality wine. It is aromatic with exotic fruits notes, citrus, jasmine and has the potential to produce elegant full bodied wines. 





Aromatic variety primary in Mantinia, Peloponnese. It has a grey-colored skin and therefore produce blanc de gris in Mantinia. Its crisp character and beautiful floral aroma of roses with touch of spices makes it an ideal aperitif.


主要遍佈Peloponnese的芳香品種。果皮呈灰色,因此能生產出blanc degris。細緻的玫瑰花香、香料味道及的清爽的酸度,是理想的開胃酒。



One of the most widely planted varieties in Greece but predominant in the region of Attica, where it displays excellent resistance to the drought. It has a relatively low acidity and leads to the production of elegant white wines with an aroma of citrus fruits and flowers.






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