The Great Greek Wine 酒神的禮物

July 31, 2017

Many scholars agree that Greece was the beginning of the Western civilization, where it excelled in fields including but not confined to philosophy, mythology, legislation system, democracy, aesthetics, architecture, literature and science. The achievements it reached was phenomenal to enlighten others from time to time. And when we talk about Greek wine, its tongue-twisting rather than famous grape names remains a mystery to most consumers. 


In fact, Greek wine is probably the most underestimated gem in the world - she not only has one of the world's oldest history in winemaking, but also ranks the second in the greatest number of indigenous grape varieties on Earth. Being considered the hottest wine region in the old world, Greek wine has never lack of lively acidity and elegance. Whether it is Attica, which is near the ancient Acropolis of Athens, or scattered islands in the middle of Aegean Sea, it is easy to find a cool and unique microclimate which gives rise to the unparalleled charm of the wines. How great is Dionysus, the wine of god? It’s too early to dedicate our faith before we try enough delicious wines produced from the great land. Let’s judge the divine flavors by our sense and reply to the God by expressing our appreciation.




事實上,希臘的葡萄酒是最被低估的一群 —— 她不僅擁有世上最悠久的葡萄酒釀造史,其原生葡萄品種的數目更是全球第二。希臘的葡萄園或許處於舊世界中最炎熱的產酒區之一,但卻無損其活潑而優雅的酒風。不論是隣近雅典古老衛城的Attica,還是散佈在愛琴海中、「太陽的後裔」取景地的浪漫島嶼上,我們都不難找到清涼而獨特的「微氣候」,孕育著世界上最具魅力的葡萄酒之一。




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