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Sip Wine from Around the World 味遊世界各地的葡萄酒


The world is so big and there are many countries or regions that I have not visited before. But wine lovers like us must have tried many wines from various countries or wine regions that we have not been there. Some wine lovers like to dig into details and they are so familiar to different terriors and climates, as if they were there. It’s very interesting that you seem to understand the place so well, whether it’s about the weather or the harvest, while sipping the wine, as if you have been there.


I attended an interesting Italian cuisine pairing with around the world sparkling at Spiga Italian Restaurant recently, with 7 different sparkling wines from different countries and styles, like Prosecco from Italy, Blanc de Blancs Champagne from France, Sparkling Rose from UK to Sparkling Sake from Japan, pairing with 5 courses created by Michelin-starred chef Enrico Bartolini. It’s so interesting! I like the pairing of baked seabream with Frescobaldi Spumante Leonia Pomino Brut 2015 from Italy and Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV . It brings out more umami flavour of the fish.

早前參加了意大利餐廳Spiga的美饌配環遊世界氣泡酒晚宴,以7款來自不同國家及款式的有氣酒,配上星級米芝蓮廚師Enrico Bartolini的5道意大利菜式,試了由意大利Prosecco、法國Blanc de Blancs香檳 、英國粉紅有氣酒至清酒有氣酒,十分有趣!我最喜歡的配搭是意大利有氣酒Frescobaldi Spumante Leonia Pomino Brut 2015年及法國Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV 香檳配焗魚,帶出更多魚的鮮甜味。

I’ve been to Veneto in Italy before to attend the Vinitaly wine exhibition. This place is famous for Amarone red wine and the taste is very nice and rich. I tried a new winery named Buglioni winery from Italy and its first vintage was 2000. They don’t release Amarone wine every year, they only make it in very good year and pick the best grapes to make wine. The rest of the grapes will be sold to others and each vintage will produce about 30000 bottles and aged for at least 7 years before release. I met with the winery owner Mariano Buglioni and tried 6 of his wines including 4 Amarone wines. They are all very smooth and elegant. I like Buglioni I’Amarone Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico II Lussurioso Riserva 2000 with smooth and velvety texture. It has dried prune, dark chocolate, toasty, raisin, licorice and sweet spices notes. The finish is long. Mariano also recommendeded me to try Amarone wine pairing with langoustines and this is how locals eat. I’ve not tried it, but it’s interesting to try.

意大利北部Veneto區我有去過,參加一年一度全意大利最大型的葡萄酒展VinItaly。這區盛產Amarone紅酒,而這酒一般都屬於厚身而味道十分濃郁。早前試了一個新意大利酒莊Buglioni酒莊,他們在2000年才出第一支葡萄酒,而他們的Amarone紅酒並不是每年都會出產,只在好年份才釀造,只選最出色的葡萄,其餘葡萄會賣給別人,大約生產30000瓶,陳年最少7年以上才出廠。跟莊主Mariano Buglioni會面並試了旗下6款葡萄酒,包括4款Amarone紅酒,全部都非常幼滑優雅,我最喜歡Buglioni I’Amarone Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico II Lussurioso Riserva 2000年,有點像絲絨般幼滑,帶乾梅、提子乾、烤烘、甘草、黑朱古力、甜香料等,餘韻悠長。Mariano還推介以Amarone配生小龍蝦,這是他們當地最喜愛的配搭,真的未試過,有機會試試。

When you hear about Rothschild, many of us will relate that to the first growth in Bordeaux, Chateau Lafite Rothschild or Chateau Mouton Rothschild, and their great red wine collection. But Rothschild also produces champagne. I attended Michelin-starred Le 39V French restaurant with 6-course dinner pairing with 6 wines plus 2 champagnes as aperitif. With the awesome 101/F sea view, great food and great wine, it’s absolutely fantastic! I like the pairing of Champagne Barons de Rothschild 2008 with oyster. The champagne is aromatic and complex, with white peach, toasty, brioche, mineral and white flower notes. It matches well with oysters and the champagne elevates the sweetness of oyster.

説到Rothschild這名字,大家自然會想起著名法國波爾多一級酒莊Chateau Lafite Rothschild 或 Chateau Mouton Rothschild 的頂級紅酒。其實Rothschild家族也有出香檳的。早前參加了Le 39V法國米芝蓮餐廳聯乘Domaine Barons de Rothschild的6道菜配6款葡萄酒,再加2款餐前香檳,無敵101樓美景、美食配美酒,實在太美妙了。我喜歡Barons de Rothschild 香檳2008年配以生蠔的配搭,香檳香氣四溢有層次,帶白桃、烤烘、牛油麵包、礦物及白花等味道,配上新鮮的法國生蠔,香檳提升了生蠔的鮮甜。

I’ve not been to New Zealand, but I enjoy New Zealand wine from time to time. There are many boutique wineries there. You can feel the elegance of the environment by trying their wines. They are famous for Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. I’m glad to meet with Sam Weaver, the winery owner of Churton, and tried 6 of his wines, including red, white and sweet wines, and they are all biodynamic wines. The Sauvignon Blanc is not the classic style that is full of green bell pepper or gooseberries. It is elegant with white flowers, mineral and green apple notes. It’s a good match with oysters. Its Pinot Noir is also elegant with complexity as well. It’s just from HK$ 200-500 per bottle. If you like lighter-bodied wine, you can consider.

我未去過紐西蘭,但我不時會喝它的葡萄酒,有很多精品葡萄酒酒莊都很出色,邊喝著它的葡萄酒邊覺得這地方真的山明水秀,才可釀出這麼優雅的葡萄酒,而Sauvignon Blanc白酒及Pinot Noir紅酒尤其出眾。好高興與紐西蘭Marlborough區 的Churton精品酒莊莊主Sam Weaver 會面,並試了6款紅、白及甜酒,全部都是生物動力葡萄酒。它的Sauvignon Blanc不是充滿青椒及青果那種,優雅而帶白花、礦物及青蘋果香,配生蠔真的不錯。而Pinot Noir亦十分優雅有層次。約$200-$500有交易,喜歡輕身葡萄酒的朋友可以考慮!

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