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The New World of Pinot 黑皮諾新世界

Despite the difficulties to tame, the charming Pinot Noir has still fascinates wine lovers all around the world. Not only the old world, countries in the new world always make huge efforts to find a perfect landscape for the elegant grapes, in the hope to secure a position on the global Pinot Noir map.


United States美國

Though crowned as the kingdom of Cabernet Sauvignon, California has certain cool climate areas quite suitable for Pinot Noir cultivation, each with distinct personality. For instance Russian River produces bold Pinot Noir with blackberry notes; Carneros has an obvious berry flavor; while southern Santa Barbara and Santa Maria are even more layered and rich, often include cherry and plum notes in the flavor profile. The northern Oregon has a similar latitude and climate with Bourgogne, producing wines with overt berry notes. Delicacy is the core with even softer and rounder plalate.

炎熱的加州是赤霞珠的世界,不過在部分較為清涼的產區,黑皮諾的種植相當理想,而且各有不同個性,譬如Russian River的黑皮諾酒體飽滿,以黑莓香為主;Carneros有著明顯的莓果氣息;南部的Santa Barbara及Santa Maria,層次感更為豐富,櫻桃和李的香氣較多。至於加州以北的Oregon,其緯度跟布爾崗差不多,氣候也相似,莓果香氣明顯、口感細膩,跟布爾崗比較要柔和早熟一些,且更加圓潤。


Yarra Valley has a cool climate which favors the cultivation of Pinot Noir, resulting in a style reminiscent of those Bourgogne expressions, often with elegant fruit and robust body. Peter Althaus from Switzerland has set a milestone in Tasmanian wine industry while he established the first wine estate, Domaine A, on the Island. The island has a maritime climate, with abundant sunlight and annual rainfall of around 500 mm. These favor a slow growth cycle giving complex flavors and lively acidity to fruits. Moorilla Estate .

澳洲Yarra Valley氣候清涼,黑皮諾有著布爾崗Beaune的影子,果香收斂酒體札實;1973年瑞士的Peter Althaus來到澳洲南端塔斯曼尼亞島建立了首家酒莊Domaine A,蔚為酒界傳奇。塔斯屬海洋性氣候,日照時間充沛,年降雨量約500毫米,缓慢的生長周期賦予果實濃郁風味和细致的酸度,島上聞名的酒莊還有Moorilla Estate。

New Zealand紐西蘭

Diverse in style but often with common light body and clean palate without overt earthy notes. Somehow comparable to classic Willamette Valley style, with strawberries and blackberry tones and touch of violet. Mainly produced in the Northern Island which includes regions like Martinborough, Graywacke of Malbourough; while Central Otago become the most brilliant minority in Southern Island. The style is fresh and luxurious, represented by examples like Felton Road and Mt. Difficulty.

風格多變,總體來說酒體較輕,沒有布爾崗那種泥土氣息,反而有點像美國Willamette Valley的風格,大多數有著草莓和黑莓香,夾雜著紫羅蘭氣息。產自北島的Martinborough、Malbourough 的Greywacke等地佔多數;南島的Central Otago是近年最成功的異端,風格清爽而更為豪華,如Felton Road及Mt. Difficulty等是最佳代表。


Rio Negro of Patagonia in southern Argentina, had been planted with Pinot Noir for at least 50 years, where they are used to make Chandon's sparkling wine under the flagship of Moet & Chandon. The unique terroir has also attracted foreign investors, including the family who found Sassicaia, to establish Bodega Chacra here, pursuing bio-dynamic approach in winemaking. The Pinot Noir of Rio Negro is gentle and fresh in style, which is favored by wine lovers. Besides, Mendoza is also planted with Pinot Noir.

阿根廷南部Patagonia的Rio Negro,早在50年前已種有黑皮諾,並用於釀造Moet&Chandon旗下的Chandon氣泡酒。這偏遠的特殊風土吸引了不少外來投資者,包括意大利名莊Sassicaia 創辦人的孫兒Mr. Incisa,在這建立Bodega Chacra,並奉行生物動力學法釀酒,這區的黑皮諾多是溫柔酸爽的風格,近年獲得不少酒粉青睞,此外Mendoza也有出產黑皮諾。


Chile has a desirable Mediterranean climate for Pinot Noir, in which Casablanca, San Antonio Valley and Bio Bio Valley represent the best sites. Leyda of San Antonio is a rising star located only a few kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. The climate is cool and flavor spectrum lies more to the old world end. Alcohol may be slightly higher, with unrestrained raspberries, red cherries backed by complex earthy notes. Casa Marin, Amayna, and the new-born Clos des Fous produce some of the best expressions.

智利有適宜的地中海氣候,黑皮諾主要種植在卡薩布蘭卡、聖安東尼谷和比奧比奧谷,尤其是聖安東尼谷的萊達谷,距離太平洋僅數公里,氣候清涼,造酒偏向傳統世界風格,酒精度可能略高,奔放的樹莓、紅櫻桃等果味後面藏著複雜的土壤風味。著名的酒莊代表包括Casa Marin、Amayna,以及近年才冒起的超新星Clos des Fous等。

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