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An Overview of Asian Wine 亞洲葡萄酒地圖

Israel - 以色列

Grapevines have been grown for over 10,000 years but was ripped out by Muslims during one of their periods of conquest. Baron Edmond de Rothschild, owner of Chateau Lafite, resurrected Israeli wine industry in 1882 being the trail blazer in re-plating grapes here. Mainly Mediterranean with hot dry summers and wet winters. Semi-arid & desert conditions in the southern Negev. The three largest wineries – Carmel, Barkan & Golan account for 60% of the harvest, which encompasses varieties like Carignan & Colombard but gradually being replaced by Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, etc.

早於一萬年前已有種植葡萄,在穆斯林征服期間被。1882年拉菲酒莊前老闆Edmond de Rothschild男爵重新裁種,以色列現代葡萄酒業。主要是地中海氣候,夏季炎熱、冬季潮濕,南部的Negev被沙漠覆蓋,頗為乾旱。國內三大釀酒廠 —— Carmel、Barkan和Golan佔總產量60%,品種包括Carignan、Colombard等,但逐漸被赤霞珠、霞多麗等品種取代。

② Japan - 日本

There are a total number of over 200 wineries in the country, in which Yamanashi, Nagano and Yamagata accounted for nearly forty percent of production. Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and other international varieties do exist but it is the local one such as Koshu, Muscat Bailey-A, Adiron dack, which are considered superior in the country. Japanese wine is fruity and elegant in style, which go well with local cuisine. The alcohol level is generally low and rarely exceed 12%.

日本47個縣中,共有超過200家葡萄酒莊,當中山梨、長野和山形三個縣佔近四成產量。日本不乏如Chardonnay、Cabernet Sauvignon等國際品種,但最出色的卻是當地特產品種,比如甲州白葡萄、Muscat Bailey-A、Adiron dack等紅葡萄等。日本葡萄酒風格自成一格,追求精緻淡雅、重視果香,跟日本料理十分相襯。而且酒精度偏低,一般很少超過12%。

③ China - 中國

Studies claimed that wine dates back to the Neolithic Age in China. In Han Dynasty Vitis vinifera was introduced from Europe. The first modern winery was established in 1892, marking the revolution of Chinese wine industry. There are mainly nine winemaking regions widely scattered within the country, from 25°N to 45°N. Wide range of variety planted such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and so on.

有研究指出中國在新石器時代已開始釀造葡萄酒,到漢朝期間從中亞引入歐亞品種葡萄(Vitis vinifera)。1892年,首間現代化葡萄酒廠成立,標誌著中國葡萄酒業的變革。葡萄園分佈範圍從北緯25度到45度,包括九個主要產區,葡萄品種廣泛,包括國際品種如赤霞珠、霞多麗等等。

④ Lebanon - 黎巴嫩

Phoenicians, the ancestors of the Lebanese, are known for their wine-making techniques, which was even mentioned in the Bible. At present, Lebanon has a vineyard area of about 2,000 hectares, in which the Bekaa Valley has an average elevation of 1,000 meters with dry summer and late ripening season. In addition to international grapes, there are also unique varieties used in Lebanese Arak as well like Merweh and Obaideh.


⑤ Turkey - 土耳其

Wine used to play a role of ritual and festivals, mainly the classic Öküzgözü and now international varieties. Turkey is at the same latitude as France, Spain and Italy, which gives it dry Mediterranean semi-continental climate. With ample sunlight, grapes are generally high in sugar and rounded in texture. Vineyards area exceeds 1.5 million acres, where Marmara is the main wine region.

葡萄酒在土耳其社會扮演著祭祀和節日慶祝等的角色,過去主要以Öküzgözü(俗稱牛眼) 這經典品種釀酒,如今則多採用國際品種。土耳其與法國、西班牙及意大利緯度相約,乾燥地中海半大陸性氣候、陽光充足,葡萄的糖份高,風格圓潤溫和。全國葡萄園面積達150萬英畝,Marmara為主要產酒地區。

⑥ India - 印度

Indian wines were once confined to the elites and aristocrats. The expansion of middle class led to a revolutionary leap. The number of vineyards has expanded from 6 to 50 in the past decade. Due to the hot climate vineyards are generally located on slopes, e.g. Maharashtra, the principal wine region of India, averaged at 300 meters above sea level. Thompson Seedless and Sultana, followed by Isabella and Muscat Hamburg constitute to the main profile of grape variety, while the international varieties accounted for relatively small proportion.

由於宗教和文化關係,印度葡萄酒以往被視為精英階層的飲料,直到20世紀80年代,中產階級群體擴大帶動其葡萄業變革,投資者紛至沓來,過去10年印度葡萄園數量由6個擴展至50個。由於氣候炎熱,葡萄園一般座落山坡,如主要產區Maharashtra海拔約為300米。葡萄品種以Thompson Seedless和Sultana為主,其次是Isabella和Muscat Hamburg,而國際品種佔比較小。


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