Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2018  FEB - 2018 MAR

A Refined Taste and Beautiful Shines


Drinking Style

“I enjoy drinking and chatting with my friends, especially when the gathering takes place in a safe environment,” said Sharon, “Or the best choice - home. If I get drunk suddenly, I can immediately gain some sleep.” Red wine is one of Sharon’s favorites as it makes her relaxed and comfortable. To have some wines right before sleep is satisfying. During feasts and socializing, she definitely prefers to drink a bit red wines which don’t have high alcohol level and can keep the atmosphere up.

Travel with Love

Having studied art and cultural, Michael has always been loving art. “I long for spending time with my beloved in countries where there are strong art culture. Asian countries like Turkey, India, Egypt are my top priorities. I believe we can have an in-depth understanding in historical sites and broaden our horizon.” “This is so romantic!” Sharon praised, “I cherish somewhere with great sunshine and beaches so as to have some carefree time with my lover. Maldives is definitely my very first choice.” Sharon spent her honeymoon in Maldives as the scenes are heavenly. She even emphasised that this is the place you must travel with your beloved.

The Most Impressive Gifts

For Valentine’s gifts Sharon received, whatever her husband gave are the most impressive ones. Sharon took this opportunity to take a glimpse of Michael’s love life, “What are the most impressive gifts you have ever received?” He replied when he was a student, there was a pretty girl in love with him. She put a flower basket in front of his door. Michael didn’t open the door and take it until she left. For gifts Michael sent, he used to make origami cranes and stars, “But the most impressive one is I decorated the house all with Christmas lights during my girlfriend’s absence. The lights were switched on once she was home. This gift had made us blissful.” Sharon complimented Michael on his creativity.

The Surprising Romance

Sharon, whose zodiac is Capricorn, claimed that she is not a very romantic person. Unlike other women, she is glad to receive flowers as a gift but they are not a must. She even opposes materialism. “I expect wholehearted gifts such as hand-crafted stuff or the home decoration Michael did. These are things that move her.” Interestingly, instead of being touched and crying, Sharon wondered how stuff were made and surprises were prepared. Michael is an absolutely romantic gentleman, who would like to go to the sea and enjoy the sea breeze with his lover or go to see the moon. Moreover, Michael offered his partner a surprise trip. Without informing the destination, only local weather forecast was told and casual clothes were packed before leaving. Sharon agreed, saying a surprise trip is fun, and looked forward to having it with her husband. “I want to go to Africa with him!”






說起情人節禮物,Sharon甜笑指出凡是丈夫送的,對她來說都是最深刻的禮物。Sharon趁機會打探Michael的情史,「你以前有收過什麼深刻的禮物?」Michael說讀書時候曾經有一位漂亮的女孩子很愛慕他,把花籃放在他家門口, Michael待她走了以後才打開門,把花籃拿走。至於曾經送過的禮物,Michael送過手摺紙鶴及星星,「但最深刻的一次是趁著女朋友不在家之際,把全屋每一個角落都佈置了聖誕燈飾,待她回來時便把燈全都亮起,這份禮物令到我們都很開心。」Sharon亦稱讚這是一份創意十足的禮物。