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The Legendary Chef  Alain Ducasse : Alain Ducasse

傳 奇 廚 神 Alain Ducasse

Enjoying fine cuisine and wine in Hong Kong is sheer bliss. This foodie paradise welcomes all kinds of restaurants and international legendary chefs from all over the world, presenting a wealth of local delicacies as a result of masterly culinary style. Curated by Alain Ducasse, Rech, a famous seafood restaurant in Paris, has introduced its outpost at InterContinental Hong Kong. Alain came to our city during the opening celebration. What does this twenty one-starred Michelin chef prepare for all blissful customers in Hong Kong?

The Overwhelming Charisma of Master Chef

Walking into the restaurant, your attention will be drawn to the simple and elegant details outlining the white interior, ranging from blinds for incoming natural light, shell-shaped paper chandeliers, fish and shell paintings to the ocean-inspired dark blue cutlery. It is like an escape from the hustle and bustle to a seaside house, where customers can enjoy a wonderful French holiday.

Alain Ducasse has taken some careful planning in terms of interior design, menus and management at Rech by Alain Ducasse. Its interior showcases the meticulous attention of this twenty one-starred legendary chef. From Alain’s eyes and tone, you can discover his genius and determination as well as his imposing confidence and that is what we call overwhelming charisma. Despite so, he was very talkative and funny during the interview, sharing how cooking has tremendously shaped his life, “I have had a strong interest in good food since childhood, partly because of growing up in a farm, and also partly because my grandmother was an excellent cook. Every homey dish she cooked was my favourite. We usually collected the ingredients from our farm, including fresh vegetables from the kitchen garden, which made me realise that a mix of fresh ingredients and superb culinary techniques can create a diverse menu of dishes. Then I decided to become a chef.”





















Not to mention his real passion for fine food and cooking, the dedication and attention to details are also Alain’s keys to success. By working in a number of iconic restaurants under the helm of Michel Guérard, Gaston Lenôtre and Roger Vergés before, Alain has captured a mastery of culinary skills which paved the way for him to become a master chef.

Legendary Culinary Philosophy

Creating a vast array of cuisines in the culinary life, Alain has his own way to present dishes to the customers. “You really have to respect and appreciate food, and by picking the ingredients from quality origins, you can have a true taste of the genuine flavour and food culture. Then we have to find out the characteristics of every ingredient, in order to look for the best cooking methods, seasoning and side dishes. Of course, a selection of exquisite utensils and signature wine are also important to showcase the dishes in the best way, ultimately an unrivalled gourmet experience.”

A Taste of Exquisite French Flavour

Seafood is obviously the highlight in the newly-launched Rech by Alain Ducasse, so how would Alain create a memorable experience for the guests? “We hope our guests can immerse themselves in the authenticity of France. Our seafood and oysters are freshly imported from France every day, coming from the same supplier as our French flagship - Jego Brothers in Brittany in the northwest of France. Over the years, Jego Brothers has been sourcing fresh products from small fisheries, which are of high quality. That’s why we have cooperated with each other for many years. Pan-fried skate wing is the classic of our restaurant, which is sure to impress our guests with its distinctive texture and taste. Besides, our wine cellar houses more than 400 French wines like Bourgogne White, which is in harmony with our delicate Camembert (the only cheese served at Rech Paris).”

Stay Positive and Eager

This legendary chef has built up his catering kingdom with outlets around the world. Honestly speaking, Alain’s fame and fortune can guarantee himself a reliable retired life, but there is nothing called “stop working” in his mind. “I am going to launch ten new restaurants in different countries and also introduce a new vodka this year. Work more, quicker and harder, look at the world and find out what you are yet to discover, like new ingredients. In this way, I can keep making improvement and inspire my own creativity,” said Alain. As we always say, “one is never too old to learn” - this Chinese saying is proved true on this western master chef. No matter learning or fine cuisine, there should be no boundaries.

在香港這個美食天堂盡享佳餚美酒可謂是一件幸福的事情,她歡迎來自不同國家的餐廳,甚至世界頂級廚神的著名食府來進駐,讓食客容易品嚐各地美食和體驗廚神的烹調風格。早前連世紀廚神Alain Ducasse都引入他旗下巴黎著名海鮮餐廳Rech by Alain Ducasse於香港洲際酒店,在開幕期間更遠赴香港宣傳。究竟這位二十一星米芝蓮廚神為幸福的食客帶來甚麼特別之處?



餐廳不論環境設計、美饌精選和管理都是由這位精湛名廚Alain Ducasse策劃,從環境佈置可以體會到這位二十一星米芝蓮廚神對設計細節的認真態度;從睿智眼神、堅定語氣中不經意感受到他充滿威嚴自信的氣勢。廚神星級魅力不禁令人攝服,幸好他是十分健談風趣的大人物,訪問過程中亦願意分享烹飪如何影響他一生的重要性:「從小在農場長大的我已對美食有濃厚興趣,因為祖母是一個非常厲害的廚師,她所煮的每一道家庭菜式我也十分喜歡。當時我們的食材都是來自農場,我亦會從廚房花園選取新鮮蔬菜。當時我已明白採用新鮮食材配合精湛廚藝就能創造多樣化的美食。這樣想法讓我立志成為一名廚師。」

即使對美食和烹飪產生濃厚熱愛,但努力不懈的精神和對細節的執著是Alain成功主要原因,讓他在不同名師 Michel Guérard、 Gaston Lenôtre和Roger Vergés的餐廳工作,除了吸取豐富的烹調技藝,更奠下他日後名廚生涯。




















從新餐廳Rech by Alain Ducasse來看,海鮮就是主角,那麼Alain 希望餐廳為顧客帶來甚麼深刻體驗?「Rech by Alain Ducasse希望食客可以在這裏感受 The Authenticity of France,餐廳的海鮮和生蠔不但是每天從法國新鮮空運,而且與巴黎總店同樣採購自西北部Brittany的海鮮供應商Jego Brothers。Jego Brothers多年來一直從不同小型魚商搜購新鮮魚類,品質一直符合我們要求,我們與他們亦合作多年。菜單中的『煎魔鬼魚』更是餐廳經典菜式,可以讓客人難得品嚐它的獨特肉質和味道。此外我們的酒窖設有四百多款法國佳釀,當中的布爾岡白酒十分配合精緻金文畢芝士(唯一從巴黎Rech供應)。」