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Wine.Luxe Magazine
Jul 26, 2017

The Craze of Co-Venture Sake 共同酒熱潮 - Part 1


Edited: Jul 26, 2017

In 1979, two giants who aspire for excellence – Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe de Rothschild co-operated for the first time, which led to the birth of the now renowned Opus One. This masterpiece has taken the wine world by storm, and is considered a benchmark in co-venture product in the wine industry.


In recent years, there were co-venturing product evolved in the Sake market as well. Unlike the way happens in the wine world, these collaborations are mostly built between prefectures, each encompasses a number of Shuzo, often led by young brewers, which join together to producing a variety of amazing Sakes. Interestingly, those works are often highly experimental in nature, with different themes every year. Those themes are worthy to explore which open a door in understanding of the world of Sake. This is a novel Sake trend which is going to sweep Japan.


"NEXT 5", a pioneer in making co-venture Sakes, is formed by five different breweries in Akita Prefecture. Amongst the hottest is the Aramasa Shuzo. The young Kurabito Yusuke Sato has produced several stunning and highly customized projects such as AmaNeko, PinoTori, R-TYPE, using NO.6 yeast strain. With his philosophy which aims to integrate the East and the West, brought five breweries together in the prefecture to form “NEXT 5”. It is so popular in Japan which always see a run on the new release. The latest 2016 version has gone a step further – the label design is created by renowned Takashi Murakami, with a limited quantity of 150 bottles. In addition to exploring the unprecedented areas in terms of craftsmanship, it combines the traditional Sake and pop art, which successfully refresh the old-fashioned image of Sake.

1979年,兩位追求高層次的葡萄酒巨人——Robert Mondavi和Baron Philippe de Rothschild,破天荒來了一次合作,舉世知名的OPUS ONE正式誕生。今天,它依然在酒壇發光發亮,成為了無人不曉的名作。這次標誌性的合作影響深遠,也成了酒壇佳話。一款佳釀,能感受到兩地不同風格,確實是魅力非凡的酒款。




「NEXT 5」是共同酒的先鋒,由秋田縣5間酒藏聯合釀製。當中要數人氣爆燈的,便非新政酒造莫屬。年輕藏主佐藤祐輔以六號酵母及自我流的方式,釀出亞麻貓、陽乃鳥、R-TYPE等作品,震撼市場。2010年在新政的領軍下,以融合東洋和西方為目標,集各家釀製技術創造出NEXT 5。在日本是火紅之作,每年推出勢必引起搶購潮。2016年的版本更邀請到知名現代美術家——村上隆設計特別版酒標,限量推出150瓶,開賣後火速斷市。除了挑戰釀造工藝上的不同領域,更成功把日本酒和流行藝術結合,讓日本酒擺脫固有老派的形象。


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  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Nov 3, 2017

    Every early October, Hiroshima Prefecture will hold a spectacular sake festival called “広島西条酒まつり”with 300,000 attendance. I have the privilege of experiencing the fest this October. Not only all the sake lovers, but the breweries, shops, and even factories will join the fest, which crowded the venue and nearby street. 每年的10月初,広島縣的西条也會舉辦大型酒祭<広島西条酒まつり>,參加人次高達三十萬人,全日本的清酒愛好者也到來,筆者有幸在10月時親身感受這場清酒盛會,酒祭規模巨大,不單是公園成為場地,附近的酒藏、商店、工廠、不同組織等也會參與其中,整個區也投入的大型活動。 There are various kinds of snack stalls in the venue. In a corner called “酒広場”, you are allowed to taste sake from over 1000 distinct breweries at only 2000 yen, all free flow! Some sake lovers would prepare their own food to pair with all those sakes, and expect to spend a whole day in the venue. Certainly with such a huge number of admission, some premium sake like “Koshinokanbai” is in limited supply. The venue was so packed and it was nice to feel the enthusiasm of the sake lovers, and even got familiar with some of them. 除了美酒,活動現場也有各式小食攤,品酒之餘買到佐酒食物, 之後到達名為<酒広場>的場地。在這裡,只要付上二千日圓,就可品嘗全日本各地的美酒,場內準備了過千款的清酒供應,而且添飲次數不限哦,不少清酒愛好者準備好佐酒食物,整天待在場內享受美酒,不過因為入場人數眾多,一些知名清酒如就是限量供應的。在場地感受到日本人對清酒的熱情,整個公園水洩不通,各個供酒灘位人流不斷,一些本來互不相識的人也因為清酒而熟絡起來。 The place we spent a whole day is in fact a street called “西条酒藏通” where many sake breweries located, such as Kamotsuru, Kamoizumi, Kirei, etc. The breweries are open to public, in which thoughtful programs are arranged for both adult and children such as concerts, rituals, etc. There are fantastic food made of sake such as sake hotpot, Daiginjo ice-cream and cakes. It was such a wonderful sake feast that everyone would enjoy. 附近是名為西条酒藏通的街道,賀茂鶴、賀茂泉、龜齡、褔美人等多間酒藏也位處這裡,也會開放參觀,為了讓酒祭成為合家歡的活動,各酒藏也悉心安排了讓小朋友也可參與的節目,如音樂會、祭祀儀式等,也有很多從清酒製成的美食如美酒鍋,大吟釀雪榚、旦榚等。整條街道也熱鬧非常,每家酒造都人頭湧湧呢。 各人的流露開心的神情,真是一場極樂的清酒盛宴。 活動網頁: https://sakematsuri.com/ 鳴謝: 広島県商工労働局観光課
  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Oct 6, 2017

    A remarkable wine label often bring a fantasy to the drinkers and add value to the wine. The most appealing example goes to Chateau Mouton Rothschild, which will collaborate with different artist to design a new wine label to each vintage. This generates high expectations in the market every year, and has also succeeded in integrating wine and art. Recently, Mr. Leiji Matsumoto, the original author of The Galaxy Express 999, has developed a new project named "名將銘酒47撰", which brought together a number of Japanese comic artists to create a thematic Sake label, incorporating a number of characters with fatal enchantment and detailed settings. The project aims to create a unique Sake made by brewers from 47 Prefectures and shared among all of them. Matsumoto eagers to the Japanese animation culture to all over the world through the project, as well as promoting the Sake culture! Hong Kong has always been regarded as a desert of culture, and perhaps this new project may give you a novel recognition. In recent days, a project was initiated by a Japanese izakaya skewer restaurant心燒食堂, bringing together 12 Hong Kong local comic writes, including Siu Hak, Little Thunder, Au-Yeung Ying Chai, Mandy Cat, John Ho, etc, each designed a label which depicts their passion in Sake. The Sake is a Junmai Daiginjo made by Hakusen shuzou of Gifu Prefecture. I have personally tasted it in "Sake Fest 2017". It is floral-dominant supported by pronounced fruit aromatics, elegant and typical “Fragrant” styled. I am proud of Hong Kongers who put so much efforts in integrating the local culture and Japan Sake culture. I think it as a sign of the growing interest of Japanese Sake in Hong Kong market. 一個與別不同的酒標,往往會為飲家帶來幻想,也增加酒的收藏價值。Chateau Mouton Rothschild 每年也會和不同藝術家合作,設計不同酒標,市場往往對酒標充滿期待,每年的酒標成為酒莊標記,而這個文化也成功把酒和藝術融合。 近日,《銀河鐵道999》原作者松本零士先生,發展名為<名將銘酒47撰>的計劃,由松本老師設計多位日本名將插畫,成為獨一無二的酒標,人設細緻具風格, 看了令人愛不釋手呢。計劃目標是47個縣各合作推出一款酒,供各酒藏申請使用,松本老師希望透過計劃,以自身地位去推動{和}文化到世界各地,能感受松本老師的人設魅力之餘,也可熱切推動日本酒市場! 而香港一向給人印象是文化沙漠,事實又是這樣嗎? 或許這個項目會令各位改觀。近日<心燒食堂>將推出全新項目,聯合十二名香港本地知名插畫家,包括小克、門小雷、歐陽應齊、文地貓、JOHN HO等,各自設計一款酒標。以本地插畫創作結合日本酒,每個酒標都賞心悅目,帶出各人對清酒的熱愛。清酒來自岐阜縣白扇酒造的純米大吟釀, 筆者曾在<清酒祭2017>率先試飲,花香主導,水果香為副,入口優雅,是典型薰酒風格。這項目集合眾多香港知名插畫師,為清酒文化努力,筆者對香港能作出這個創新的港日清酒文化項目深感自豪,也是香港對日本酒市場越來越重視的回應。
  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Sep 5, 2017

    Due to the complex brewing process and the requirement of top-notch raw materials, there are only few sake breweries beyond the border of Japan, mostly being a branch of Japanese headquarters such as the Ozeki, Yaegaki and Gekkeikanin in the United States. They produce Sakes which target US market, but it is rare to find a brewery managed by foreigners. However, with growing culture and attention in Europe and US, there is a rising trend of foreign capital brewery. From the early “Naked island” from Norway, to recently launched “Les larmes du levant” from Pélussin, Southern France. It was founded by Grégoire Boeuf, who had been studying in Umetsu Shuzo for 2 years. Being the first group of Sake brewers in France, he set a good example of oversea Sake that integrates local water and Japanese technology, which mainly targets F&B market. The Britain, not to be out done, had a plan of setting up Sake brewery in 2014, which was initiated by a beer brewery. Before this unprecedented dream come true, another brewery Dojima Sake Brewery UK is about to jump the queue, in which the plant is close to the completion. The stunning new brewery, located inside a traditional British manor, is expected to start its production in 2018 and has become a spotlight featured by a Japanese multimedia programme. As more new plants established in Europe and the United States, Sake is ready to turn into a new page, which integrates local elements and adapts to local environment, resulting in fine-tuned version of Japanese Sake. I am looking forward to the day that Hong Kong producing its own Sake one day. 日本酒因釀造過程複雜,加上對原材料的高度要求,以致少有清酒廠在海外設立,而在日本以外地方設廠的,多為日本酒廠的分部,如美國的大關, 八重垣和月桂冠等設立的酒廠。生產針對美國市場的清酒, 但由外國人主導的清酒廠則較少。 不過,隨著清酒在歐美市場獲得重視,品飲文化普及,在歐美設廠的聲音越來越多,早年有挪威出品的<裸島>清酒,近日法國南部佩呂桑新設立<昇涙酒造>,由法國清酒愛好者Grégoire Boeuf創立,他在鳥取縣梅津酒造研修兩年後建立新酒廠,是首批在法國釀造的清酒。以成功地用法國當地的水和日本釀造技術融合為主幹,主要供應在當地的餐館,相當期待。 傳統愛酒大國英國也不甘示弱,雖然早在2014年已有啤酒廠表示有意設立清酒廠,不過一直只聞樓梯響, 未見真身,但另一間酒廠Dojima Sake Brewery UK則更見積極,酒廠準備好添置新的廠房釀酒,廠房已接近完成階段; 傳統英式莊園內,竟是清酒釀造廠,注目度爆燈,難怪日本方面也派攝製隊拍攝專輯,酒廠已定於2018年生產目標。 歐美地區有更多新廠設立,也意味著日本酒將步向新一頁,釀造技術融會當地的資源,變奏成營合環境的地酒,如今清酒在世界各國落地開花,想起筆者曾笑說,或有一天香港也可釀出一款清酒,也許這一天也真的會來臨。
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