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Jul 26, 2017

LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Summer Collection



The passionate summer is blooming right now, are you expecting numerous splendid events to release the heat! You might yearn for a sunny and beach holiday in Mediterranean countries in your mind. Even the holiday is not planned attentively, you can purchase vibrantly colourful clothes and accessories at this season, and spend an unforgettable summer!


LOEWE, the Spanish prestigious fashion house has already launched a capsule collection that collaborated with Paula’s Ibiza. Besides inheriting the flamboyant colour tones, Jonathan Anderson, the LOEWE creative director applied the original chic and fancy prints to exude the dreamy Bohemian charisma of Ibiza.


Paula’s Ibiza is an iconic boutique in 1970s, which was co-founded by German artist Armin Heinemann. The atmosphere of that era suffused with the attitudes of unrestrainedness and seeking optimism and happiness. Through Jonathan’s wonderful imagination, he matches

the enchanting sceneries, the comfortable and lively mood with nature-inspired floral

prints and exuberant colours — echoes with the ingenious design of Paula’s Ibiza and the

desirable lifestyles of the bustling urban people.


This attractive capsule collection also carries out the core values of LOEWE — functionality, modernity and superior craftsmanship, and showcase inside the collection consists of one-of-a-kind tops, skirts, dresses, accessories (including the hit item in recent years — Puzzle Bag) and even towels and espadrilles. The LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Summer Collection is the best choice for ladies to shine their free-spirit and passionate charisma when they hang out or having vacation. The LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Summer Capsule is available at JOYCE Central store now.





西班牙殿堂級時尚品牌LOEWE亦早已推出一款聯同Paula's Ibiza合作的Capsule Collection,系列除了會繼承LOEWE亮麗色調,創作總監Jonathan Anderson還會引用Paula's Ibiza原創的時髦風格和花俏印花,散發著Ibiza島的波希米亞氣質。

Paula’s Ibiza是70年代傳奇時裝店,由德國出生的藝術家Armin Heinemann創辦。當時的環境氣氛都彌漫著一股無拘無束,嚮往樂觀快樂的心態,Jonathan透過豐富的聯想,把大自然主題花卉圖案,趣意盎然色彩繽紛來配合Ibiza島的風光明媚、愜意熱鬧兼容的情調,同時呼應Paula’s Ibiza的玩味設計和我們繁忙都市人渴求的理想生活態度。


這個Capsule Collection更貫徹LOEWE功能性、現代性和卓越工藝,均展現在上衣、裙、連身裙、手袋(包括近年大熱Puzzle Bag),甚至毛巾和帆布便鞋,非常適合女士在今個夏日出外或渡假時展現自由熱情魅力。所有LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Summer Collection均在中環Joyce旗艦店獨家發售。


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    Aug 1, 2017

    “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out!” The famous quote from Project Runway reveals the cruel truth of the fashion industry, even a talented designer cannot guarantee his longevity on the runway (Issac Mizrahi is one of the renowned example). Of course, some people are very successful at this extremely competitive industry — someone can work for a prestigious blue-chip brand for over half century; someone can transform a dying old brand into a lucrative and chic brand. However, there is one man could create the trend and applied his art and commerce sense to develop an eponymous Italian fashion house remarkably. Throughout 4 decades, this iconic man has dominated the whole fashion industry, his name is Giorgio Armani. How successful is Giorgio Armani? Let’s talk about his design aspect first! With relaxed and simple design, his highlights the aesthetic side of human body subtly from seem-to-be unintentional tailoring — a convincible reason that attract lots of top celebrities to dress the stylish formal suits/dresses at plenty of award ceremonies. You can see Lionel Messi 、Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Wahlberg looks dapper in GA suits; Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway looks glamorously chic. Mr. Armani’s masterpieces are always appeared easily in Oscar. The key success of the fashion master is his unique, precise vision, who recognised the economic boom in 1980s — when urban people sought opportunities to strike for success. The social phenomenon inspired him to design “Power suit” with broad padded shoulders and widened lapels, which seemed to give power, fortitude and confidence for men and women. The launch of “Power suit” took the Fashion industry by storm, and led to a skyrocketing sales for the brand, as well as to make Giorgio Armani became a household name of top fashion designer. The humble fashion master did not become self-satisfied after receiving the huge success in 1980s, he was keen to follow the swiftly changing pace of time, and his collections are always embodied with the elements of the era. The latest 17/18 collection expresses the removal of rigidly tough men, but it’s through the use of exquisitely crafted materials and finishes that the masculine figure is here redesigned. Textures are natural, warm and luxurious that outline a vigorous figure; a combination of masculine colours and typical Armani hues, highlighted by touches of orange, dusty light blue, burgundy and green, alternated with classic blue. The 83 years old Master is still able to show the mix of stylish and elegant “attentive men” image of the new era, with his eminent fashion sense 真人騷節目Project Runway有句名言真的道出時裝界的殘酷事實”In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next, you’re out!”,即使你是才華洋溢的設計師,也不一定可以在天橋稱霸多年(Isaac Mizrahi就是其中著名例子)。當然這個競爭激烈的行業總會有人成功:有人可以在一個殿堂級品牌工作超過半個世紀;有人可以為某個品牌起死回生。不過有一個人可以創造潮流、憑藉自己的商業觸覺和藝術將自己個人品牌建立得有聲有色,在40年一直吒咤整個時裝界,這位成功人物就是Giorgio Armani。 Giorgio Armani有幾成功?先講設計方面,他的設計輕鬆簡約,在看似不經意的剪裁下隱約突顯人體的美感,吸引不少荷里活明星穿著其設計的禮服出席各大頒獎禮,型男如Lionel Messi 、Leonardo Dicaprio、Mark Wahlberg穿得官仔骨骨;女明星如Cate Blanchett、Anne Hathaway份外高貴動人。大師的出品每年都會在Oscar 容易亮相。 不過說到Armani大師成功之處就是他的獨到眼光,看準80年代的經濟蓬勃景象,當時的都市人渇求力爭上游的機會,讓他靈機一動設計「權力套裝」(Power suit),在套裝上添上寬闊的肩膀和寬闊的翻領,猶如令在職男女賦給權力並給予堅強、自信氣勢。「權力套裝」推出後引起莫大迴響,讓Giorgio Armani服裝銷情暴漲,大師更自此成為家傳戶曉的首席時裝設計師。 即使在80年代品牌獲得巨大成功,Giorgio Armani大師並沒有因此自滿,反而一直與時並進,在往後的系列都滲入時代的元素。在最新的17/18男裝秋冬系列,想表達刻板硬漢形象需要擺脫,反而透過精緻的布料和裝飾元素來重新詮釋男子氣概。質感自然、溫暖而奢華;性感的毛羊衣飾勾勒出更為矯健的線條,而且融合Armani 的經典色調,並以一撮的橙色、灰淡藍色、酒紅色和綠色加以突顯更有活力十足的格調。透過今季可以看見年屆83歲的大師依然能為新時代男士塑造型格優雅共融的暖男形象。 Photo Courtesy : Giorgio Armani S.P.A. and Flickr
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