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Sep 5, 2017

The Annual Blue Note Jazz Festival 日本年度盛事


Japan’s annual event, the largest international jazz festival, Blue Note Jazz Festival 2017 is coming now! The show will be hosted at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse in 23,24 September.


A number of classic international jazz singers including Donald Fagen & The Nightflyers, David Sanborn, Roy Hargrove…… The local renowned stars you should not be missed — The All-Star Jazz Orchestra of Eric Miyashiro, Yosuke Onuma, Karen Aoki, Juju and Takakura Kuroda, and Hiromi Yehara (who sang together with Chick Corea)etc ……

There are lots of young and famous musicians also perform the show, you should pay attention to their performance too:


Jacob Collier, the youngest performer of the show (Aged 23), who has grown under the great influence of music family. The young and talented musician has learnt classic music since young age, who became famous after the post of a music video (he plays multiple roles on the video) on YouTube in 2012, soon after he signed to Quincy Jones’management company. This year Jacob won Grammy Awards for Best Arrangement.


Kamasi Washington has started to play music since aged 3, who is named the Neo classic jazz saxophonist in 21st century. Kamasi has great performance experience as he has been the opening act on Stanley Clarke’s concert tour since he was young.


Gregory Porter was born in a priest family,the gospel music and Nat King Cole’s albums were accompanied with his youth. Gregory originally wanted to take American football as a career,but he was discovered while performing at the mini jazz club during his football training sessions. Then he performed countless times in Broadway,two of his albums 《Water》 and《Be Good》 were chosen as the Grammy Awards for best traditional R&B singers. The authoritative jazz magazine《Downbeat》stated that Gregory Porter has the tenderness of Nat King Cole but also involves the soulfulness of Marvin Gaye.


The other honourable mentions including Lianne La Havas (The great soul singers after Amy Winehouse) and Swingrowers ( the Italian dancing group of 5 people) etc.. Because of the limitation of pagination, please browse the official website to grasp the latest news. http://bluenotejazzfestival.jp/english/


Tip 1: Although the website has English version,it still shows the Japanese content no matter how I press the top menu button. You have to select English and scroll down the page, then you can browse the English content. However,the English content is still very limited. I still don’t understand why this renowned international concert still does not have a complete English version after the host with many years. I hope this minor thing does not interrupt your decision to visit the concert.


Tip 2: Shopify has a channel about this grand event. It is your Chicken soup for the soul if you miss the chance to visit Blue Note Jazz Festival.



日本每年一度盛事,最大型的國際爵士音樂節Blue Note Jazz Festival 2017要來了! 9月23,24日在横濱的紅磚頭倉庫舉行露天音樂會。


數經典國際爵士巨星有:Donald Fagen & The Nightflyers , David Sanborn, Roy Hargrove... 本土超人気巨星有Eric Miyashiro 的All-Star Jazz Orchestra, Yosuke Onuma,Karen Aoki, Juju和Takakuya Kuroda, 還有和Chick Corea 同台演出的Hiromi Uehara 等等...



數最年輕的一定是Jacob Collier, 年僅23歲。他在音樂世家長大,從小學習古典音樂,2012年在YouTube發報一人分演多角的music video,旋即竄紅,馬上成為Quicy Jones 期下紅人。今年更奪得Grammy Award編曲奬。


Kamasi Washington, 從三歲就開始玩音樂,被譽為21世紀爵士樂新經典的蕯士風手,少年時代已跟Stanley Clarke巡迴演出。


Gregory Porter,他出生牧師家庭,從小在福音音樂及Nat King Cole唱片中成長。他本想以美式足球作為職業, 但在訓練期間,他在小型爵士俱樂部駐唱時因其美妙靈嗓被發掘了。其後他在百老匯巡演不斷、 推出的2張首作《Water》和《Be Good》都受選為葛萊美獎最佳傳統節奏藍調歌手之列。爵士樂權威雜誌《Downbeat》說 「他既有Nat King Cole的典雅柔情,又兼具Marvin Gaye的騷靈奔放」。


其他還有Lianne La Havas (繼Amy Winehouse後不可不聽的靈騷歌手),聽了一定要跳舞的意大利五人組合Swingrowers等等,限於這裡篇幅,大家快去官網看看。 http://bluenotejazzfestival.jp/english/


小提示 1:網頁是有英文版,但是當你換成英文版後,上面的top menu怎樣按還是連接日文內容,你要在主頁點英文後往下翻,就看到英文內容了。但是英文內容非常有限,我很不明白那麼有名的國際爵士音樂會,舉辦了那麼多年,還是沒有很完善的英文版。希望這不會打擾你來音樂會的決心~


小提示 2:Shopify有這活動的頻道,萬一你來不了,這是你今年的爵士心靈雞湯!

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  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Nov 3, 2017

    世界4大爵士音樂節有:荷蘭的北海爵士音樂節、瑞士的蒙特勒爵士音樂節、加拿大的蒙特婁爵士音樂節、美國的新港爵士音樂節。數最長壽的,是Montreux Jazz Festival,是每年在瑞士和世界各地舉辦的大型爵士音樂節,已經超過40年曆史。創始人克勞德•諾布斯(Claude Nobs)出生在瑞士風景如畫的小城蒙特勒,是很多文人墨客的靈感之源。法國著名作家雨果、俄國作曲家柴可夫斯基等名人都曾來此小住。 There are 4 major jazz festival in the world, they are The North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Le Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (Canada) and Newport Jazz Festival (USA). Amongst the four festivals, Montreux Jazz Festival is the oldest one (more than 40 years old) who hosts grand Jazz festivals in Switzerland and worldwide each year. Claude Nobs, the founder of the Montreux Festival, was born in the picturesque town, Montreux. This place was the origin of inspiration for lots of renowned scholars, even French novelist Victor Hugo and Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky lived for a short period of time at that beautiful place. 克勞德本來是烹飪學徒,之後轉行到蒙特勒旅遊局工作。上世紀五六十年代的美國正是爵士樂興起的黃金時代,他出差紐約時改變了他的人生,也改變了蒙特勒的命運。在黑人民權運動的推動下, 黑人爵士樂開始給重視。 Miles Davis、Charlie Parker等爵士樂手可以堂堂正正的在白人的酒吧演出。他們嚴肅的音樂創作贏得社會的尊重。爵士樂的即興創作正從娛樂走向藝術 。諾布斯強烈地感受到爵士樂蓬勃的活力。他結識了大西洋唱片的總裁Nesuhi Ertegün和一些爵士樂歌手,醞釀著一個大同世界夢,將這種充滿活力的音樂引入歐洲,讓更多人分享這種自由的音樂,成為世界的共同語言。 Before working for the tourism in Montreux, Claude Nobs was originally a culinary apprentice. The 1950s and 1960s were the golden age of Jazz music in America, a New York trip of Claude was an important moment to change his life and the fate of Montreux. Jazz music was started to be valued since the happen of African-American Civil Rights Movement. The Jazz singers such like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker can perform at the Caucasian’s bar, and their strict yet innovative music gained huge respect from the society. The improvisation of Jazz brought entertainment into art, its flourishing vibe influences Nobs strongly, who met the CEO of Atlantic Records, Nesuhi Ertegün and some Jaz singers. Later these people formed a big dream that wants to influence the whole world, they transferred this energetic music into Europe, in order to allow more people to share this free-spirited music and to become a common language to the world. 結果1967年的夏天,他舉辦了第一屆蒙特勒爵士音樂節,表演嘉賓是美國爵士樂當紅明星Charles Lloyd, Keith Jarrett, Ron McLure 和 Jack DeJohnette;只有短短三天的音樂節非常成功。 Until the summer in 1967, he hosted the first time ever Montreux Jazz Festival, which invited well-famed Charles Lloyd, Keith Jarrett, Ron McLure and Jack DeJohnette to be the performers. The show only lasted for three days but it was extremely successful. 看Montreux是一個大開耳界眼界的體驗。你不要以為一定是只包羅了頂尖的殿堂爵士紅人,其實他們有很多試驗性的表演,比如今年在東京的Montreux,你會看到只有14歲的爵士神童 - Joey Alexander。他出生在印尼,6歲在家裡因為一直聽父母的Jazz CD,自己學會了Jazz Piano,連他自己也覺得這技能是天賜的禮物,11歲已經出專輯了。 Montreux is truly an eye opener, it does not only invite the top-tier jazz singers, instead it embodies many experimental performances, for example, a 14years old genius Joey Alexander will perform in Montreux Tokyo this year, This Indonesian born kid has had a profound music background since childhood—Joey has always listened his parents’ Jazz CD since 6 years old, which enabled him to self-learn Jazz piano surprisingly. Even this young boy believed it is a gift from God, and he launched his album at 11. 還有Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band。他的演出都是充滿驚喜,頭5分鐘已經令你有愛恨分明的感受,但卻勾起你的好奇心。到底這本來是音效專家的Matthew這次聯同日本本土的音樂精英要搞什麼鬼? An honourable mention to Matthew Herbert's Brexit Big Band. His performance is full of surprise, especially the first 5 minutes gives you love hate emotion and evokes your curiosity. Matthew is also a sound effect specialist, how is he going to create the funky music with the local elite musicians? Montreux Jazz Festival: 3-5 November 2017 http://www.montreuxjazz.jp
  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Oct 16, 2017

    對於一眾超級爵士粉絲,其實大家已經去過無數的國際大小型jazz concert;但像日本人可以把自己的傳統文化與爵士樂來個大型collaboration 音樂節,絕對只有去日本才能欣賞。 No matter large scaled or small scaled jazz concert, I believe avid Jazz fans have visited all of the shows. However Japanese can host a grand music show with the combination of traditional culture and jazz, this kind show you can only visit in Japan. When “Wa”meets Jazz Festival就是一個首次把最傳統“和”文化與歷久彌新的爵士樂來個比拼,場地已經很有代表性-在“增上寺”。它是日本歷史建築之一,建於1393年,是江戶幕府德川家族的靈廟; 在東京塔後面。 音樂節只舉行一天,但會佔據整個寺廟;表演者皆為日本一級藝人,對炙手可熱的爵士音樂家;都是首次的fusion表演,所以是很大膽的嘗試,比如: When "Wa"meets Jazz Festival is the first time to show competition between the most traditional "Wa" culture and the timeless jazz. The venue is the signature Zōjō-ji, one of the most historical Buddhist temple, established in 1393, was the Tokugawa's family temple during Edo period. The music festival only hosts one day, but it will oocupy the whole temple and invite first class Japanese musician as performers. This is also the first fusion performance and a bold trial for the popular jazz musician, for example: 1. 武樂座Koshiro Minamoto 對 Yuki Arimasa Bugakuza : Koshiro Minamoto & Yuki Arimasa 武樂座是集武士道和舞蹈的表演,Koshiro Minamoto武樂座的原創者。對演的Yuki Arimasa是日本殿堂級jazz pianist, 也是作曲家。他六歲學鋼琴,十歲開始聽爵士而自學起來,在Berkeley 和東京有名的洗足音樂當學院教授。這次表演是首次在日本史上出演,千萬不要錯過。 Bugakuza is the mixed performance between Bushido and dance. Koshiro Minamoto is the inventor of Bugakuza. The competetor, Yuki Arimasa is a prestigious Japanese jazz pianist, as well as composer. He started to learn piano in six years old, listened an self-learnt jazz music In ten years old, who has been an academic professor at Berkeley and Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. This performance is the first time ever performance in Japanese history. It should not be missed! 2. Saori Kanda 舞踴繪畫 對 金子雄太的Hummond Organ對 Jazz vocalist Emily Saori Kanda(Life Paint) x Hammond Organ by Yuta Kaneko x Jazz Vocalist Emily Saori童年住在中東,受著中東和日本文化影響,自創了她覺得自身和環境和顏色就是把生命繪出來的媒體… Hummond Organ原本就像只出現在神聖的教堂或老一輩的爵士樂…到底三個人的collaboration是怎樣把東西方的傳統結合,推翻再創新? Saori lived in Middle East in childhood , and she creates a medium based on the painting that records her encounters and her growth throughout the influences from Middle East and Japanese culture. Hummond Organ is originally appeared at the churches or old Jazz music. How do this three performers combine the tradition between East and West, while overthrowing the old fashion and create new elements? 3. Geila Zilkha 對Doodlebug's Big Band Geila Zilkha & Doodlebug's Big Band Geila來自關西,有一半以色列血統的騷靈爵士歌手。她的名字是來自以色列民謠《Havana Gila》,意思是“喜悅”, 她的歌聲除了充滿個性和感情外,非常有壓台感;這次與年輕的學生Doodlebug's Big Band,可能是充滿爆炸性的熱情演出。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh79cls1Hhs 當天在寺內還有日本花道,書道,茶道和盆景的工作坊;從早上到黃昏,不停穿插在“和傳統”與爵士音樂中間,現在我不能告訴你那是一個什麼樣的感覺,只有你自己去親身體驗! Geila is a half Israeli-half Japanese jazz singer that comes from Kansai region. Her name is origin from Isareli Folklore "Havana Gila", which is a meaning of "Joy". Besides having a distinct personality and emotion, her voice is very solid. This time Geila might bring us a powerful performance while competing with the young students Doodlebug's Big Band. The festival also contains workshops of flower arrangement, calligraphy chirogrphy, tea ceremony and Bonsai. I can't tell you the feeling when you keep on visiting the middle of traditional "Wa" and jazz music. You may come and experience it!
  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Aug 1, 2017

    I finally meet Mr. Inoue and the signature Japanese jazz musician, Sadanori Nakamure after the long wait of 2 years! There is a long story about my encounter with Mr. Inoue. I met Ron Ng (The famous jazz guitarist in Hong Kong) at a jazz vocal workshop in Hong Kong, he strongly recommended me to watch Mr. Inoue's performance after I resided to Tokyo. At that moment I wasn't familiar with noted Japanese musician, then I found out Mr. Inoue was the only Asian apprentice of Jim Hall, the iconic Jazz master. Unfortunately I missed the chance to watch the concert because of huge workload. Unexpectedly, Ron met this talented Jazz musician one month ago, and he was thrilled to encourage me to watch his show again. I discovered Mr. Inoue had a live show at Ikebukuro when I searched from Facebook. Therefore I rushed to Ikebukuro after finishing my work, with an hour journey to the train and a 10 mins walk. The venue was a bar called Jazz Bar Montgomery Land, which is located at a desolate place with a nearby police station (without anything even streetlights). The bar is hidden at the basement, and the board wrote 井上智, Sadanori Nakamure. The show had a full house, I was lucky to be the last audience to squeeze inside. The tiny bar did not offer a convenient space for standing or sitting, but everyone was silent and closed their eyes — concentrated to listen the music. When I listened to the song “Body and Soul”, I gazed at the strange hand movement of Mr. Inoue — it looked like playing with water spray, but every note was displayed powerfully and clearly. Most of the people might not familiar with Sadanori Nakamure (84 years old , but still look healthy), who graduated inAoyama Gakuin University, is performed frequently with Sadao Watanabe, Norio Maeda and Inomata Takeshi. The iconic jazz guitarist has witnessed the development of Japanese jazz music. Besides the admiration of the elite and profound music talent, the conversation between Sadanori and Mr. Inoue was similar to a show of American jazz and Japanese jazz. Their arbitrary were as matched as the dancing of two guitars. Although both performers are respectful masters, they were so approachable. I was nervous to ask Mr. Inoue to sign on my CD, then I was at cloud 9 when he wrote my name as well! Mr. Inoue will perform at this bar in August. Please don’t miss the show if you want to admire his show closely (The ticket is around 3000Yens, attractive!). 等了兩年與井上智老師邂逅,還遇上日本爵士音樂史的國寶中牟禮貞則! 和井上智老師的相遇是有段故的。兩年多前在香港的jazz vocal workshop 裡認識了Ron Ng(香港有名爵士結他手),談到我要搬去東京時,他說我一定要看老師的演出。當時我對日本有名的樂手不太認識,自己做了一下功課,原來他是殿堂大師Jim Hall唯一一個亞洲人徒弟!因為工作忙就打消了要立刻去看的念頭。 怎料一個月前Ron在香港和老師見面了,興奮的又叮囑我一定要看他演出,我好奇在FB搜了搜竟給我搜到他在池袋有演出!當晚我一下班飛快從趕去池袋,路程要一小時,到火車站還要步行10分鈡 。酒吧叫Jazz Bar Montgomery Land,在池袋一個附近除了警局什麼也沒的地方,街燈也沒有,它就隱藏在地庫 ;看板上粉筆字寫著井上智,中牟禮貞則。當天全場爆滿,我是最後一個有幸可以擠進去的觀眾。 酒吧很小,坐好或站好的人都不能動;全場鴉雀無聲,閉眼聽音樂。聽Body and Soul時,我一直瞪著井上老師的手,動作好像很怪,像彈著水花一樣 ,但粒粒音符鏗鏘有力。 很多人可能不認識中牟禮貞則。他今年84歲但是一點也看不出來。他畢業於靑山學院,與日本殿堂爵士音樂人如渡邊貞夫、前田憲男、豬俁猛等一常常一起演奏,見證著日本的爵士樂發展。除了兩人高深的音樂操藝,大家看著他和井上老師的對話,好像看了一個超棒導賞美國和日本爵士樂的節目。他倆的演出隨性也合拍,像2支結他一起跳舞。 雖然他們都是大師,但卻很親切,我緊張地拿出CD給井上老師簽名時,他還把我名字寫在CD上,我開心死了!這酒吧在八月也有井上老師的演出,如果這樣近距離看大師演出,你不要錯過呀(門票才3000円左右,真的超值)。 __________________________________________________________ Jazz Bar Montgomery Land 東京都豊島區東池袋1丁目47-13第2岡村ビルB1F8月11日 http://montgomery-land.net/?page_id=13
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