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Wine.Luxe Magazine
Jul 31, 2017

What wine and spirits to bring for ladies at CNY gatherings?


As Chinese New Year is getting near, it’s time to load more wine and spirits and bring them to your relatives or friends’ home for Chinese New Year gatherings. When deciding on what wines to bring, the palate of ladies maybe quite different from guys. Some ladies don’t normally drink, but they will drink a bit during Chinese New Year. Others are pro and they know what they like.  So, it’s better to get more different varieties to match with different palates.


For female relatives and girlfriends who don't drink much, I’d go for champagne and sweet wine to pamper their palates. For champagne, I’m very impressed with the newly launched Perrier Jouet Belle Époque Blanc de Blancs 2004 vintage. This special edition is designed by renowned Japanese glass artist Ritsue Mishima and the bottle is just like a masterpiece. Ladies will surely be impressed by the beautifully painted floral pattern on the bottle together with Ritsue’s artistic bottle design, which looks like an elegant crystal art piece. The champagne has been aged for over 8 years and the texture is creamy. It is elegant and complex with white flower, vanilla, peach, brioche and mineral notes, which is very lady-friendly. It’s a great match with dried abalone, seafood and turnip cake! As for sweet wine, I’d pick Chateau Guiraud 2010 (1st grand cru classe from Bordeaux, France). I recently attended Chateau GUiraud’s tasting event at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong and tried its pairing with Sturia Caviar from France, it’s surprisingly a good match. It’s normal that we pair sweet wine with foie gras or chocolate, but it’s really intriguing to pair it with caviar. I found the 2010 sweet wine matched very well with Vintage caviar. The umami notes of the caviar elevated the minerality and fruitiness of the wine, which was very interesting. I think no ladies will resist this elegant pairing, no matter she can drink or not. 


There are ladies who like to drink whisky more. As a lot of older generation prefers spirits to wine, it’s a safe choice to bring a bottle of whisky to join the Chinese New Year gatherings. If you want to bring something special, I’d suggest going for Connemara Irish Whiskey. It’s the only peated whiskey in Ireland and it’s not as punchy as Scotch Islay’s whiskies. It’s lighter and smoother in general, with vanilla, honey, almond, toasty, spices, orange peel and peaty notes. The finish is quite sweet and ladies tend to find it easier to enjoy. Whisky is a good pairing with CNY dishes like pork knuckle, sautéed dried oysters, etc. Hope you enjoy a dram with your family. Wish you all have a happy year of the Rooster!





對於不太懂飲酒的女長輩及女友人,我會揀些特別的香檳及甜酒給她們。最近剛推出市場的 Perrier Jouet Belle Époque Blanc de Blancs 2004年特別珍藏版,由著名玻璃日本設計師Ritsue Mishima設計,酒樽超靚好似琉璃藝術品。其實所有女生都是貪靚的,望見像鑽石的酒樽已經想影相了,再加上美麗的白蘭花圖案,新年開這支珍藏版香檳,女士一定很喜歡。此香檳陳年8年以上,氣泡綿滑而味道複雜,帶白花、雲尼拿、蜜桃、牛油麵包、礦物等味,十分優雅,襯鮑片、海鮮或蘿白糕都不錯。而甜酒我會揀法國波爾多一級莊甜酒Chateau Guiraud 2010年,因為之前出席了Chateau Guiraud於香港萬麗海景酒店的試酒會,試了它的甜酒配 Sturia法國魚子醬,覺得很驚喜。甜酒配鵝肝或朱古力就試得多,跟魚子醬配搭卻很新觧。我覺得2010年甜酒跟Vintage魚子醬很夾,魚子醬的海洋味提升了甜酒的礦物味,覺得支酒的果香更突出,真的很有趣,新年拿出這個高貴的配搭跟女士分享,相信識飲或不識飲的都會很想試。



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  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Nov 3, 2017

    其實並不是所有葡萄酒都適合放存很久,又或者可陳年的葡萄萄酒其實也有它的賞味期限。所以如果你可以品嚐到放了20年的葡萄酒依然精采盛放,証明那酒莊的葡萄酒非常值得收藏! 人生有幾多個20年?喝到20年的好酒也是一種快樂。 其中一個快樂體驗是參加了法國波爾多Clos L'Eglise 酒莊20年的垂直試酒會。位於波爾多右岸Pomerol區,與Chateau Clinet, Chateau L’Eglise Clinet 及Chateau Trotanoy為鄰居,試了由1997年-2016年每年的變化,1997年絶對感受到陳年的優雅,帶皮革、煙草、可可豆、乾梅、乾紫花等。但只差一年的1998年卻帶來完全不同感受,依然活潑,帶黑莓、紫花、朱古力、礦物等。我還喜歡2001年的平衡、香料及黑果香。而2015年及2016年很澎湃,會令你即時幻想到20年後的變化,就像剛喝過的97、98年一樣,我覺得波爾多右岸的風格好像温柔的貴婦,成熟而優雅。 另一個快樂體驗是試了澳洲Coonawarra Wynns酒莊的垂直試酒會,其中試了Wynns Michael Shiraz 1993年及2014年。2014年非常香氣四溢,帶紫花、黑胡椒、車厘子等,像活潑的少女。而1993年圓潤而優雅,帶草本、甘草、乾紫花、礦物、黑果、朱古力等,像熱情的淑女。跟Wynns第一個女高級釀酒師Sue Hodder會面,同場亦試了John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon 2003年,帶紫花、黑莓、草本、香料等,十分有層次,餘韻悠長,Wynns只會於靚年份先出這款酒,而當中只選最好的1%做這支酒,絕對對於值得珍藏。 喝著新舊葡萄酒對比,令我想起陳奕迅的一首舊歌「葡萄成熟時」,如果愛情代表葡萄酒的話,那今時今日還有幾多情侶可將愛釀成20年醇酒? 或許喝一瓶陳年佳釀比較易掌握些。 Not all wines can age gracefully. Besides, wines with aging potential also have their expiry date. If you have tried a 20 year-old wine that is still lovely and vibrant, you should remember the winery’s name and start stocking up its wines for your future consumption. How many 20 years can you spend in your lifetime? It’s really happy to open a nice bottle of 20 year-old vintage wine to enjoy from time to time. I was very happy to attend Clos L’Eglise 20 years’ vertical wine tasting recently. Situated in Pomerol, the right bank of Bordeaux and the neighbours of Chateau Clinet, Chateau L’Eglise Clinet and Chateau Trotanoy, I tried the vintages from 1997-2016. 1997 is very elegant and aged gracefully, with leather, tobacco, cocoa, dried plum and dried floral notes. As for 1998, it’s just one year part, but the notes are so different. It’s vibrant with blackberries, dried violet, chocolate and mineral notes. I also like 2001 a lot, which is balanced with black fruit and spices. 2015 and 2016 are lively and pungent. You can imagine how they will be elevated in 20 years’ time, just like the 1997 and 1998 that I tasted. I find the style of Bordeaux right bank is just like an elegant and sophisticated lady. Another happy vertical wine tasting experience is from Coonawarra Wynns tasting. I tried several wines including Wynns Michael Shiraz 1993 and 2014. 2014 is very aromatic with violet, black pepper and cherry notes. It feels like a lovely young lady to me. As for 1993, it’s more rounded and elegant with herbal, licorice, dried violet, mineral, black fruit and chocolate notes. It feels like a passionate woman to me. I was delighted to meet with Sue Hodder, the senior winemaker and the first women winemaker at Wynns, and tried the John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon 2003, with violet, blackberries, herbaceous and spices notes. It is aromatic, complexed and with long finish. Wynns only produce this wine in good vintages and they only pick the best 1% grape to make this wine, which is a real great gem to collect. While I was sipping and comparing the new and old vintages, my mind kept looping an old song “When Grapes are Ripe” from Eason Chan (HK singer). If love is just like wine, I wonder how many couples can maintain their love relationship for 20 years nowadays? Perhaps it’s easier to grab a bottle of vintage wine to enjoy than finding this long and lasting love.
  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Oct 6, 2017

    Happiness is a big reason why I enjoy wine so much! When I sip a nice wine that I like, I’d smile from my heart. When I see a very good vintage wine from an outstanding chateau, my eyes will look like the heart-shaped emoji icon. Not every wine will make me happy, just like not every guy will make your heart beats faster. One of the wines that most people will be happy to sip is Krug champagne. I’m also very delighted to meet with Maggie Henriquez, the President and CEO of Krug, again. She introduced the newly launched Krug 2004 to Hong Kong market. Krug 2004 has been aged for at least 13 years, with a combination of 39% Chardonnay, 37% Pinot Noir and 24 % Pinot Meunier. This is the third vintage after 1981 and 1998 that has more Chardonnay than Pinot Noir. The weather was better than 2003 and Chardonnay was outstanding in 2004. It is very fresh and lively with white flowers, green apple, kumquat, mineral, honey and candied spices notes. The acidity is high with great potential. If you drink Krug, you should know that they have a Krug App, where you can scan the Krug ID to get more detailed information about the champagne, as well as a music pairing song recommendation for you. So which song is a good pairing with Krug 2004? Krug has invited Lianne La Havas, the British singer-songwriter to be the musician for Krug 2004. We paired the champagne with her song Unstoppable. I asked Maggie when they would invite musicians to do the music pairing for Krug. She said that when the chef de caves thinks that it’s about the right time to release the champagne, they would recork the bottle to settle for another year and invite the musicians to do the pairing. How do I feel about the music pairing? It does taste better under a more relaxed and happy mood with more fruitiness coming out from the pairing. I’m also so blessed that I tried my first bottle of Chateau Latour 1947 at a gathering! I’m so happy and it feels like I’ve won Mark Six! I still keep smiling whenever I think about it. 1947 was a good vintage in Bordeaux. How does this 1st growth grand cru classe taste like? It has forest, toasty, dried mushroom, leather, old oak, dried raspberries, dried roses and dried tea leaves notes. It has more dried prune and toffee notes after breathing. It's amazing and still very lively at 70 years old! There is really a kind of happiness that you can only get from wine! 我喜愛葡萄酒的其中一個重大原因是快樂!喝到佳釀時真的會從心底笑出來,見到超級大莊的好年份葡萄酒會即時心心眼!當然不是每支酒都會令我心心眼,就等如不是每個男人也會令你心動一樣。其中一個肯定人見人愛的快樂來源是Krug香檳!很高興又與Krug香檳總裁兼CEO Maggie Henriquez 會面,今次她帶來全新Krug 2004年到港為亞洲發佈會的首站。全新Krug 2004年最少陳年了13年,包括39% Chardonnay、37% Pinot Noir 及24% Pinot Meunier。 這支2004年是繼1981及1998年後第三支會以Chardonnay比重多於Pinot Noir的Krug香檳, 因為這年天氣比2003年好,而Chardonnay亦特別出色。此香檳味道非常清新活潑,帶白花、青蘋果、柑橘、礦物、蜜糖、糖衣香料等味,酸度高,非常有potential。如果你有飲開Krug,應該知道佢有自己的Krug App,只要數一數Krug ID便知這支酒的詳細資料,最獨特的是Krug特別為不同Krug香檳提供配對的音樂pairing。那2004年配那首歌?Krug邀請了英國歌手兼作曲家Lianne La Havas 為這年份的代言人,並一起邊喝邊聽她作曲及演繹的Unstoppable。我問Maggie她們何時邀請音樂家為香檳作音樂配對。她說當釀酒師認為支酒可以差不多出世時,她們會將酒從新裝新酒塞再放一年,然後邀請音樂家來試酒並創作。聽著音樂pairing喝Krug2004年真係好飲點,心情更愉快開懷,果香更跳脫! 近日更有幸喝了人生第一支Chateau Latour 1947年!簡直開心到有如中了六合彩!現在回想都仲笑咪咪!1947年係波爾多的好年份,到底這支波爾多一級莊的葡萄酒是什麼味的呢?希望在此與大家分享。此酒帶乾菇、烤烘、舊橡木、森林、皮革、乾紅莓、乾玫瑰及乾茶葉味,以七十之齡仍然很活潑,唞氣後乾梅子及單寧開放了,亦帶點拖肥的餘韻,好棒啊!有種快樂是葡萄酒才能給你的呀!
  • Wine.Luxe Magazine
    Sep 5, 2017

    Women may choose wine based on their feelings! So, what wines will attract women to drink? Women may choose a wine based on its name. I came across with a sake named ISSYOSEISYUN at Fukushima sake and food tasting recently, which means “Young Forever” in Chinese. It’s definitely a great birthday gift for your girlfriend and she’ll be very eager to try this sake! It is a refreshing style of sake made from Yamada Nishiki rice with light pear and rice notes. The simple style that matches with its name “Young Forever” very much! Women will also be attracted to elegant and floral wine. I tried six elegant Fritz Haag Riesling wines from Germany lately and I’m sure that ladies would enjoy them, too. The six wines tasted are from dry to sweet. I like Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Riesling 2016 Grand Cru the most with roses, white peach, honey, mineral, spices and earthy notes. It has many layers of flavours with long finish. The winemaker and owner Oliver Haag told me that you could easily keep it for 20-30 years! Elegant wine like champagne is also ladies’ favourite. I went to Cabana in Repulse Bay and tried its champagne package, where you could soak yourself in a Japanese jacuzzi-style bath and sip a bottle of G.H. Mumm champagne, with green apple, almond, vanilla and toasty notes, for just HK$580 per person including a bottle of champagne every weekend. Girls all like to pamper themselves. Treat yourself with elegant champagne and enjoy a chilled afternoon over weekend! 女人飲酒是講feel的!到底有什麼酒會吸引女生的興趣去飲?酒名啱聽絕對是原因,早前於福島清酒美食品賞會中見到支「一生青春」特別純米酒,一見便知買比女友人生日一定快樂!此清酒使用山田錦米釀造,屬於爽酒類別,清爽帶淡淡的梨香和米的甜香,絕對感受到青春的簡單直接。 優雅而帶花香的葡萄酒亦十分吸引女生。近日試了6款優雅的德國Fritz Haag Riesling葡萄酒,由乾至甜,完全感受到Riesling的不同風格,我想我還是喜歡Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Riesling 2016 Grand Cru,充滿白桃香及玫瑰香,帶礦物、蜜糖、香料及土壤的味道,有層次而餘韻悠長,莊主兼釀酒師Oliver Haag 説此白酒可輕易地方上20至30年!令女生感覺高貴的香檳亦是喜愛原因。去了淺水灣的Cabana, 它每逢周末下午都有香檳派對, 可以一邊著住泳衣浸係日式木桶型水池,一邊飲住雪凍的G.H. Mumm香檳,帶青萍果、杏仁、雲尼拿及烤烘味等,對正淺水灣沙灘,感覺好高貴好chilled!來個另類下午break,每位$580起,包香檳一支。
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