Terms & Conditions

  • The music and lyrics of all entries submitted must be original songs of the contestant and shall not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of third parties. Unless contestant warrants that he or she has obtained the written permission from third party controlling any rights in the entered song.

  • The entry song (including the music or lyrics) or any part should not be published, broadcast or performed in public in any form, included any social media platforms, internet, television, radio and recorded on disc, film, tape or other electronic means.

  • From the time when application is submitted, all copyrights of the entry song or any part shall be vested in Bacardi-Martini Asia Pacific Limited. Only Bacardi and/or third party authorized by Bacardi shall have the rights to use the entry song in anyway (for publishing / promoting purpose), including but not limited to the rights to copy. Issue copies to public, record, permit the release, broadcast, including the cable program make available and perform in public and/or adapt.

  • All information, document (s), and sound recording(s) submitted to Bacardi-Martini Asia Pacific Limited will not returned to contestants.

  • I have read and understood the terms on personal data collection and use of personal data.

  • The winner will have two live performance opportunities for promotion after the competition. The winner can collect the grand prize when contestant is done with his/her promotion.

  • The judge’s decision of Bacardi-Martini Asia Pacific Limited shall be final.

  • Bacardi-Martini Asia Pacific Limited and Wine Luxe International Limited reserves the right of final interpretation and modification of these rules and regulations. There will be no further notices when both parties decide to change any rules and regulations.

  • We, the undersigned, hereby declare that:

    • The composition is original in its entirety and has never been published or performed in public and has not participate in any competition as specified in the entry rules & regulations.

    • We will follow and observe all rules & regulations set forth by organizing committee.

    • The information given in this form is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.

    • We understand and accept that all the information given in this form will be used in connection with the quest and may be provided to other parties as may be necessary. We hereby authorize the organizers to release and/or transfer the information to other parties as may be required.

    • The organizers reserve the right of providing singers to perform the composition on final if necessary. 

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