“We Are The Legacy” is a music platform challenging the best singer-songwriter in HK to write and perform their original composition that will become another unforgettable masterpieces by illustrious stars alongside music history like Beyond, Jay Chou, Li Ronghao & Khalil Fong respectively


The Competition was established to observe the most passionate, innovative and inspiring singer-songwriter who shared the same untamable spirit like Bacardi’s family that stood the test of the time after earthquakes, fires, exile & prohibition over the last 155 years of the family history, which has grown and developed as the biggest privately held spirits company in the world


- Singer Song Writer Competition -

<< The Winner : HK$30,000 Cash Reward; Live Performance Opportunities! >>


15 Aug - 15 Oct

15 Aug - 15 Oct

Mid Oct




Tell us your untamable story that inspirited your song & lyrics

Submit your original composition with audio performance via online 


Final List Announcement

Music Video Promo

Perform live shows in the bars (selected by Bacardi) to prove you are more than a songwriter 

Compete in the final concert and won the favor of judges’ mind 

Bacardi Final List

  • Pomegranate Tree - 拒絕  Denial 

  • Mark Tai - 逆流造化

  • Jason Ip - 貝多芬情人

  • The Sulis Club - Oh no

  • Teddy Fan - 圖騰

  • Elvis Hung - 不知所措

  • Yusobeit - 唯有平淡

  • Jeff Ong - 聽風的歌


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