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Wine Lover Should Invest On En Primeur


The first impression Xenia Chong gives me is a well-cultivated girl and my intuition is right.Studying in University of Melbourne, Australia, Xenia learned guzheng and piano since elementary school, and her father brought her traveling around the world first-class winery since she was a young girl. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, she is supposed to become a financial expert in Central, but she turned out became an unconventional girl venture her talent in the entertainment business.

I returned to Hong Kong at 2013, have worked in the bank and property field, then I joined the “Hong Kong Miss Jewellery” contest organised by the Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers Association. Before the contest, I always remind myself: “Remember to be confident, every woman has their attractiveness. Just let’s show our radiance to the full.” With her outstanding outlook and figure, Xenia was recommended by the contest instructor and model Ann Ho, and was recruited by Jacquelin Ch’ng Si Man to join her company, then she won quite a lot of contracts in film acting. She fell in love with acting immediately: “ I found great passion in acting as acting is full of challenges and excitement and at the same time, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”

Xenia played a sexy role in the movie of the《A Lifetime Treasure》 in this Lunar Year schedule. Her nickname of Miss Big Breast was very hot and people on the street just called her Miss Big Breast instead of Xenia. While in the movie《The Sexy Guys 》, she acted in the role of a martial art fighter Sa Sa, showing her skill and courage in the mixed martial arts, really raised the viewers’ eyebrows. I guess she will be called MMA Sa Sa on the street soon.


My father is a wine lover. I visited majority of French wineries with my father when I was 19, such as the Petrus Winery and the White Horse Winery. I joined wineries trips too, aiming to learn what kind of soil can cultivate such high quality grapes. I prefer the wine of Burgundy. It is lighter for women, the flowers are more fragrant, and have different levels of scent. The White Horse Winery and Petrus of Bordeaux are very special. Wine from Petrus have thin layer of leather taste. The French girl who guided me in the tour at White Horse Winery is very beautiful. She spoke with European accents and she is very gentle. It makes me feel that the grapes and the wine also have that touch of special beauty like that girl.

In those years, I bought a whole set of scent extracted from various grapes from French. They exudes fragrance of leather, floral, mineral etc, really a great variety of taste . It is hard to buy in Hong Kong nowadays. I also like perfume, I find that appreciating wine is a bit like appreciating the scent of perfume, with very big diversity and very complicated. I can differentiate between different kind of wine taste in a very exact way, as I started to learn how to smell, taste and differentiate between different wine since I was young and it is really true that , the younger you are, the more delicate your taste buds is. Of course, I don’t really drink it, I just taste it in my mouth and then I will spit it out. I really love to smell all kinds of scent, however, I can’t drink much, I am easy to get drunk.


In Memory Of His Father Through Cognac

Cognac can be used to treat diseases and can also be used to strengthen the vitality of hair. The impression of Cognac mainly comes from my father, my dad is particularly fond of cognac and my mother is very good at cooking, she cooks abalone and sea cucumber from Liaoning and match with a small cup of cognac. My parents used to drink a small cup of cognac before sleep as my father think cognac is a wine promote longevity. Cognac is a wine very fatherly feel , like a mature and

steady gentleman.My father really can’t resist from the temptation of cognac, however my mother does not allow him to drink too much. Once in the New Year, the mother want to serve some wine for our relatives , but surprise to find that Dad had already drunk up all the cognac and then poured tea back. My mom really felt angry with dad in that occasion. Haha!

I remembered my father brought me alone to trips that visit the wine zone at Bordeaux and the cognac zone at Burgundy, then back to Paris. Besides, he brought me to pay visit to the wineries, every time, we stayed as long as 1 to 3 weeks, it is my best memory about wine. At that time, I was only 19 years old.

The Best Investment Of En Primeur

My mother earned her fortune from real estate investment. My mother is very good at real estate speculation in Hong Kong. She emigrate to Australia after semi-retirement and she wants me to study economic in Australia. I opened a coffee shop after I backed to Hong Kong. It used to be my wish to open a coffee shop. I really like a place where I can take a break, create a beautiful place where girls can enjoy taking selfie. But later I realized it doomed to loss money if you adapt the knowledge you learned from the academic economic book I studied at university! After I joined the entertainment circle, my mother often advised me going back to Australia so I can help her in dealing with family business.

When talking about investment, I bought the wine futures in 2000, at that time, I bought a bottle of Angelus only for HKD200-300, however, today it has raised to HKD1,000. I bought Petrus of 1995, and it has not reached the highest percentage. I also read the wine review book of Robert Parker’s. At that time, my father gave it to me as a gift , I can see the value of my collection from that review book. The most interesting thing is that I am a person who can’t drink, but I like reading books about wine. At that time, I visited many of the major wineries with my father and I realized that the winery also sell futures (EN PRIMEUR). Wine lovers like me should buy some as stock as their prices is cheaper in futures. The value of the futures I purchased when I visited the winery has all raised nowadays! Ha Ha!



2013 年回流香港,做過銀行與地產,最終選擇了參加香港珠寶製造業廠商會舉辦的「香港珠寶小姐」大賽,她笑說:「 記得要有自信,每位女性也有她們美麗動人的一面,盡情發揮及展露自己的美態, 過後會是個非常值得懷念的經歷。」結果不負期望獲得了季軍兼且最親善小姐獎項。得到比賽導師兼模特兒何紫綸推薦,更獲莊思敏羅致旗下,連續接下不少電影作品的拍攝工作,令她隨即喜歡上了做戲:「我特別喜歡演戲,有很多困難很多挑戰,但裏邊找到一種熱情,一種滿足感!」

今年新年檔期推出賀歲片《如珠如寶》,片中飾演的波波姐之名不踁而走,很多人在街上都叫她波波姐。現今另一齣電影作品《最佳男友進化論》在中國放映,她飾演打女莎莎,真正展示識得打MMA 自由搏擊的女性絕對令人不敢少覷,不曉得遲些時候人們會否大家又會叫她MMA 莎莎?


我爸爸是愛酒之人,我19 歲就跟爸爸遍遊各大法國酒莊。我去PETRUS 的酒莊、白馬酒莊,我特別去那些酒莊的旅程,去學習哪些土壤可以培養到如此優質的葡萄。我比較喜歡勃艮地的紅酒,對女性來說它的感覺淡薄一些,花香味也濃沃一些,有不同香味的層次,而波爾多的白馬酒莊和PETRUS 也十分特別,喝PETRUS 帶有些皮革味道,白馬酒莊帶我遊逛的那個法國少女十分漂亮,講話有些歐陸的腔調,又十分溫柔,令我感覺看到那些葡萄,還有看到那些釀作地方都特別美麗。

那些年我特別在法國買了一整套的各種葡萄的香味資料回來,有皮革味、花香、礦物味等等,真的什麼味道也有,今天香港已經很難買得到了;我也很喜歡香水,我覺得品味葡萄酒的香味,有點像品味香水的香味一樣,又複雜又齊全。我用聞的方法可以分得到準確的酒體 各種很細微的味道,從小到大品味,愈小年紀味覺就愈是精細,但我不可以喝下去,只可以在口腔內品味然後吐掉。我自己很喜歡聞各種的香味,但我自己不太飲得酒,一飲就很容易醉倒!


干邑以前可以用來治病、也可以用來擦頭髮,干邑給我的印象主要來自我的父親,因為他特別酷愛干邑,母親很擅煮美食,她會炆煮一些鮑魚,炆一些遼參,各式各樣的美食從前在家也會配一杯干邑。父親會認為干邑像一種長壽酒,每晚與母親一人喝一小杯才上床睡覺,會感覺特別好瞓,也好像會延年益壽,干邑給予我「很爸爸」的感覺,「很爸爸 」的味道,是一種很穩重的美酒。父親喜歡飲干邑,但母親卻不容許他喝得太多,曾經有次過年時候,母親將家中珍藏的XO 倒出來招呼親戚,才發覺爸爸已經喝光了原來的干邑,再將茶倒回干邑酒瓶中,那次真的氣死我媽媽了,哈哈!

我那時候才19 歲,父親每年都會帶我去法國參觀波爾多、再去勃艮地、再去干邑區,然後返回去巴黎,那時父親帶過我好幾次去探訪酒莊,每次一去就兩三個星期,到處遊歷各處的酒莊,那是我對美酒最懷念的記億。





說到投資方面,我在2000 年買美酒期貨,那時買一瓶大金鐘ANGELUS 才二、三百元,今天已經要過千元了。我買的PETRUS 是1995 年的,還未達到最高的一百分,我有看ROBERT PARKER 的評酒書,那時父親買了送給我搭飛機時看,可以看到我收藏的美酒到底值多少分。最有趣的是,我是一個不太能喝酒的人,卻很喜歡看有關美酒的書籍。那時跟父親去各大酒莊,也學曉了原來酒莊也有賣期貨(EN PRIMEUR),我們愛酒人最好多買定一些,因為它們的價錢在期貨時候會便宜一些,我去探望酒莊的時候購買的那些期貨,今天全部都賺了,嘻嘻!