Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  Nov - Dec 


The Key of Success - Simon Yam

成功關鍵 : 任達華

Simon Yam Tat Wah can surely be considered as a paragon of manliness! An experienced film and entertainment business veteran with decades of experience, Simon is still full of charm and vitality, having a successful career and happy family life, as well as numerous properties. There are very few people who can be on a par with Simon in career achievements, happiness and elegance. What is the key to his success? Simon simply responded, “It is simple. You can always make headway by keeping love alive.”

With an attitude of love

In fact, the early life of Simon, a winner of best actor awards, was not an easy one. He lived with his family in a house of less than 200 square feet since childhood. After acting in numerous TV dramas and movies over years, Simon finally become one of the top actors in HK and also being able to afford to purchase his own properties. Simon does not consider these experiences as great challenges, and he also believes that happiness lies in contentment, “During my early life, I did face hardships for a long time. Nevertheless, there were also pleasant experiences that helped me overcome obstacles. In my childhood, I lived in a small house with my family. However, we had very close and strong family ties,. Despite the prolonged shooting time of a TV program, I could still devote myself to the performance as I recognize the merits of my role and the conscientiousness of the crew members. In fact, whenever I meet anyone or do anything, I always learn how to embrace everything with an attitude of love, which is so-called “L.Q”. L.Q helps us to create a life full of positive thoughts and wisdom. Over the years, I have made continuous headways by following this simple principle. Despite the importance of I.Q and E.Q, L.Q should not be neglected either.” Simon has delivered countless dazzling performances while having a broad circle of friends. It is believed to be the result of his endless devotion to love and enthusiasm. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine why he is so successful!

Red wine is inseparable from my life


Simon’s acting career does not only contribute to his remarkable achievements and companionship with countless friends, but also his interests in photography and wine tasting. Simon said that as he met some notable wine lovers including Peter Lam, Johnnie To and Ringo Lam, it is easy to fall in love with the charm of wine (mainly red wine), “At the time of companionship with friends and colleagues, the atmosphere comes first. And wine can definitely invoke such a pleasant social atmosphere. Indeed, the taste of each bottle of wine is unique. It can be either very strong or subtble, showing different characters. Therefore, the diversity of food can hardly be compared with wine. In addition, given my simple and light diet, wine can enliven my meals. Moreover, wine is good for blood circulation, so it becomes an inseparable part of my life.”

Experience the locals' love for wine


A few years ago, Simon participated in the filming of a French movie “Games of Clouds and Rain in Bordeaux, where he experienced the rich wine-tasting culture in France, “I have always been a lover of French wines. During the two months filming period, I tasted sixty different types of French wines in two months, and most of them were fairly inexpensive. French people really drink every day as if they are only drinking water. As such, wine is not a luxury good for them. However, they know how to pair delicacies with different wines, which demonstrates their attitudes toward enjoying a quality life. Each type of wine offers a distinctive feeling. Those priced at around ten euros may already be excellent in quality. Therefore, fine wines may not necessarily be high-end and expensive.”

Favorite taste


Apart from inexpensive prices, Simon is mainly attracted to the elegant French style, “I necessarily put much efforts on distinguishing whether the wine comes from Bordeaux or Burgundy. As the palate of French wines are supple, while their fruitiness and mineral flavor would progressively trigger the sense of taste, so you would gradually become a friend of French wines. Even though some red wines are full-bodied and dry, they do not create discomfort in throat. Therefore, I like tasting French wines the most.” The wine lover is also fond of tasting wines from New World wine countries, “Chilean wines are both good and inexpensive. My wife and I like the fruitiness of Chilean wines very much. However, I love South Australian red wine even more, because they are rich and masculine in taste. Shiraz, which carries some spicy flavors and acrid tastes, is a perfect match for Wagyu. Even though wines from South Australia are both rich and fruity, they are not as acrid as California wines.”


Simon has just finished starring in an upcoming Chinese New Year’s film “Mother-in-law vs Son-in-law” with Carina Lau. He made hurried business journeys to Thailand and Mainland China soon after that. Even so, Simon was still energetic on our shooting day. Not only fully engaging in the interview, Simon also had a nice talk with all crew members and shared his intention to purchase a winery in the future. His kindness and positive thinking are indeed worth learning.