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The Intoxicating, Fantastic and Blissful Christmas


As Christmas and New Year are approaching, gathering with friends and family is surely the best way to conclude the year. I think both Andy Hui and Bernice Liu would agree with this! These two celebrities have become friends after shooting ViuTV’s Margaret and David - Ex. According to their conversation, wine plays a vital role to sustain the friendship among the crew members of the drama. With the endless, rising champagne bubbles, Andy and Bernice started a casual chat about Christmas.

A: Andy Hui  B: Bernice Liu

B: Actually we have known each other for a long time, but we did not have much chance to chat together, until both of us participated in Margaret and David - Ex this year.

A: My first impression of you was a charismatic lady from a historical period drama. You look like a Caucasian, but you own a sense of Oriental beauty as well. Since then I have paid more attention to this actress, Bernice Liu. In fact we acted together in one scene only in the TV drama, thanks to the producer, in which we met each other in a bar.

B: The producer is truly fabulous. Do you remember our great dinner with him?

A: Of course! We brought our own bottles for our Japanese dinner - sake from me, sparkling wine from the producer and burgundy wine from you. I was impressed that you knew how to pair wine with different Japanese dishes. At that moment, I thought you were a wine educator rather than an actress.

B: Thanks for your compliment (giggling). We ordered a lot of food but no carbs!

I like wine very much. Besides studying about wine, I also create my own wine and even a wine brand. It is never too late to learn, especially when you are truly in love with it. I discovered you are a wine lover as well, as you showed your appreciation for every wine during the dinner.

A: We finished 4 bottles that night, starting from sake, champagne and white wine to red wine. Our friendship was built up through this wonderful wine journey.

B: That’s true! You think which wine can represent me?

A: You represent all types of wine! If someone wants me to describe you, I would say “Bernice Liu is a multi-charismatic lady, owning the finesse of white wine, the charm of red wine and the passion of sparkling wine. Her passion on wine study tells me she persistently strives for her dream.”

A: Then what kind of wine am I?

B: Thanks for your beautiful words. In my opinion, you are a sweet wine. Not to mention that you are a good guy, you are an all-rounder who is capable of singing, acting, hosting, playing football and so on. Sweet wine is a “multi-talented” wine like you, which matches well with appetizers like foie gras, Chinese courses and dessert.

A: Thank you! Credit goes to my manager and colleagues since they have helped me a lot. At the end of the year I need to work as usual, just like my old song No Christmas This Year. However, it is common when working in this industry. How would you spend your Christmas holiday this year?

B: Usually I have to work during festive seasons, but I can finally get some precious time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my family in Hong Kong this year. I really miss my family. It is such a warm moment when chatting and laughing with them. The funniest part is my nephews believe I drink soda with them, but they never know I am drinking sparkling wine indeed.

B: I wish you can enjoy a real Christmas holiday next year. If so, where will you visit to celebrate?

A: Northern Europe is excellent, with the backdrop of white snow and cold weather filled with Christmas feeling. In Hong Kong, it is just getting warmer and there is too much dazzling Christmas decoration, which has gone too far from my ideal Christmas.

B: Why don’t you visit Canada? My birthplace is a fascinating snowy world in winter where you can build a snowman and see the magical Northern Light.

A: I did some research on the internet. Is there a place called Yellowknife?

B: Yes, it is located in the North of my birthplace, just a few hours’ drive between them. Yellowknife is absolutely stunning that guarantees you to witness the splendid Northern Light.

A: Brilliant! I wish I can visit there in the future. Let’s see how my manager arranges my next year’s work schedule. For my New Year’s wish, I would keep on working hard, and look for a breakthrough in the future. How about you?

B: I have two wishes. First, my dogs can live healthily. Second, my career can go further. 2017 is a great and prosperous year for me because I have travelled a lot for work between Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and Hong Kong. It would be great if I can spend more time working in Hong Kong, as I kind of miss this beautiful place very much.

A: I wish you can build up a fruitful career in the wine industry.

B: Thank you. I hope everything you said will come true! Let’s make a toast for a happy new year.

在聖誕和新年的普天同慶大日子裏感受滿載溫馨幸福,就是與最愛親友共聚。許志安(Andy)和廖碧兒(Bernice)也非常同意這是總結年尾的最完美時刻。兩位名人拍攝Viu TV劇集《瑪嘉烈與大衛系列 - 前度》後並成為好友。透過這兩位老友的閒談中得悉葡萄酒是連繫他們和其他同事友情的重要元素。現在透過手上香檳的揮發下,二人更輕鬆傾談對聖誕的感覺!

A: Andy 許志安  B: Bernice廖碧兒

B: 其實我同你在早期已經認識對方,只是從來沒有太多機會一起說話,直至大家一起在今年參與《瑪嘉烈與大衛系列 - 前度》我才與你相熟。

A: 我對你的第一印象是你在某部古裝劇演一名美女,即使你樣子像外國人,但同時擁有東方女士的特質。由當時我便開始留意有一位演員叫廖碧兒。事實上我地在劇集只有一幕同場演出。當然要感謝監製安排這場戲,關於我們角色要在酒吧相遇。


A: 記得!我們三個同時帶自己的酒在當晚享受日本菜。我帶清酒、監製帶汽酒而你帶布爾岡葡萄酒。我當時覺得你好叻,懂得去用甚麼酒來配甚麼日本菜式。當時我覺得你像一個酒類教學者,反而不是演員。


A: 我們最後飲完四款酒,由清酒開始,然後香檳、白酒最後是紅酒。我們的友誼係透過一場美滿的品酒之旅而建立。


A: 你屬於全部酒類!如果有人問我怎樣形容你,我會說:「Bernice是一個多元魅力的人,既擁有白酒的細緻、紅酒的韻味和汽酒的熱情。Bernice對學習酒有一份激情,讓我理解她對追求夢想有種堅持。」


B: 真的非常感謝這一番美言。在我眼中你是一款甜酒。除了因為你是好好先生,你更是全方位都好叻,可以演而優則唱,主持和足球等等。甜酒其實可以和前菜如鵝肝、中式主菜和甜品配襯得宜。證明你是一個多才多藝的人。

A: 多謝你這樣形容!我相信經理人和同事幫助我不少。在年尾我同樣如常工作,像自己歌曲《今年沒聖誕》一樣。當然這行業通常沒有聖誕假期,你又如何在今年渡過聖誕呢?

B: 通常大部分節日期間我都需要工作中渡過,但慶幸自己今年終於可以陪伴


B: 我希望你出年有個真正的聖誕假期。如果你想到別處慶祝會選擇那個地方?

A: 北歐會是非常美好的選擇,它擁有漫天白雪及冰涷天氣,十分融合聖誕意境。相反在香港只會越來越暖和太多聖誕燈飾,與我幻想的聖誕場景不相符。

B: 為何你不選擇到加拿大。我出生地的冬天冰天雪地的世界很夢幻,你甚至可以砌雪人和看見奇妙北極光。

A: 我有在網上做資料搜集,是否有個地方叫Yellowknife?

B: 是啊,在我出生城市的北面,你只需要駕車數小時便可以到達當地。Yellowknife十分美麗,絕對保證你可以見證壯麗北極光美景。


B: 我有兩個願望。首先是我的愛犬身體健康。其次是我工作發展可以更進一步。2017年對我來說是非常滿足和多元化的一年,可以在不同地方如星馬、加拿大和香港工作。如果可以花更多時在香港工作,始終真的非常掛念這優美地方。

A: 希望你在酒界也有豐盛的發展。

B: 多謝,承你貴言!祝大家有個美滿新一年,Cheers!