Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  Oct - Nov 


Yearning For The Boundless

信 渴 求 永 無 止 境 : 林 峯

After Line Walker (2014), many of Hong Kong audiences have rarely watched the performances of Raymond Lam on television. The reason is, this young male actor has spent most of his time working in Mainland. Apart from featuring in numerous TV dramas, he is now getting ready for his concert tour in China. After his career transformation for three years, Raymond loves filmmaking in China, as well as whisky. He had so much to share with us when he talked about whisky!


Whisky is a Commitment to Spirit


Raymond is a believer of fate, therefore he considers that enthusiasm towards anything could be the outcome of predestination and coincidence. Once addicted, his passion is beyond control. Given that singing can help express feelings and alleviate pressure, Raymond, a singing lover since his childhood, learned singing skills from a famous high-pitched vocalist in Shanghai. After that, he was enthusiastic to participate in singing contests, with the hope of becoming a singer. Other than singing, Raymond unexpectedly explored his interest in whisky because of his concert held in around one and a half years ago. “I was preparing for my concert, so I had to go for healthy diets which really frustrated me. Nevertheless, my fitness coach suggested that I could drink a little whisky. Since then, whisky has become my soulmate. Its aroma, texture and taste are so special that I want to have a deeper understanding of it. After completion of the concert, I read more than twenty Whisky Reviews every day in order to understand the characteristics, brewing methods and background stories of both original bottlings and independently bottlings. Through information search, I have gradually explored the enchantment of whisky, and then I am fascinated by it!”


A Fan of Traditional Scotch Whisky


Under the arrangement of fate, Raymond has become a singer due to his love in singing since childhood, and has become a whisky lover because of a concert. Following his increasing interest in whisky, Raymond is now acquainted with some veteran whisky drinkers, and they always enjoy whiskies of different styles together. “The flavors I pursue may be different from those of my friends, therefore we can explore and taste whiskies of different flavors together. In fact, there is a need for occasional changes in search for flavors, in order to maintain the sharpness of taste buds. Otherwise, you would get used to a few flavors. I was fond of peat taste for a while, however I am excited by delicate style of Sherry Cask afterwards. In terms of flavor, I have always been a fan of traditional Scotch Whisky.”















Always Advances with Further Steps


The whisky lover made a correct guess of the whisky 12 years in hand during photoshooting, and swiftly found out the flavors of honey, orange and gentle peat. Despite being a less-experienced drinker, Raymond’s proficiency in whisky convinced others of his knowledge and fondness of whisky. However, the humble man claimed that the correct guess was just a matter of luck, and there was still plenty of knowledge in whisky, as well as in his entertainment career, for him to explore. Even though Raymond has been working in entertainment industry for years, he still considers that further personal improvement is possible. “Actors always think that they can do even better. When I re-watch my performances in previous TV dramas, I sometimes think that if I replay those roles based on my current experiences, my performances could be even more convincing. Therefore, there will never be any “best” performances. But I enjoy the pursuit of limitless realm. On the contrary, if an actor or a singer considers that they are with adequate experiences, it is easy for them to reach career bottlenecks.”


In addition to being persistent and having sincere learning attitudes, Raymond is also selective in choosing dramas. "In fact, choosing a drama is like choosing a wine. When choosing a wine involves understanding of my own favorite taste, selection of a drama script involves understanding of the contents I am looking for. I pursue the depth and uniqueness of stories. For example, I have recently participated in the filming of The Legends of Monkey King. This is my first drama with a fantasy and mythology theme, and my character is full of vivid details. Even though the story’s background is fabled, it unceasingly reflects the current social values. It is interesting to me.” During the filming of The Legends of Monkey King, Raymond, who portrayed the monkey king with full body sticky hair and armor, had to shoot consecutive action scenes on hot summer days. On the other hand, another TV drama Rule The World, an adaptation from the famous time-travel novel, was filmed during the coldest months in the year. Nevertheless, Raymond is very content with these two works, so he recognizes that his hard work is worthwhile. After the completion of the four-sided stage concert in Guangzhou in September, this busy man was contracted for a contemporary drama afterwards. However, Hong Kong audiences are increasingly interested in watching Mainland dramas. Just like tasting whiskies of different styles, they would give compliments to products of premium quality!







而大約年半前的演唱會,Raymond沒想到會遇想另一樣讓自己非常熱愛的酒類—威士忌:「當時要準備演唱會的關係,所遵從的健康菜單令我沒有人生樂趣,但健身教練建議我可以飲少許威士忌。自此威士忌便成為我的心靈寄托,它的香氣、口感和味道很特別,從而讓我願意對它作出更深刻了解。完成演唱會後我可以每天看超過二十篇的Whisky Reviews,從而認識不同原廠威士忌或獨立威士忌的特質、釀造方法和背後故事。透過尋找資料會慢慢發現威士忌的魅力,然後對它著迷!」


偏愛傳統 Scotch Whisky


在緣份巧妙安排下,由最初喜愛唱歌的原故而變成自己歌手,亦因為演唱會而遇上威士忌;現在Raymond愛上威士忌後更認識一些資深威士忌酒友,會一起品嚐不同風味的威士忌:「所追求的酒味和酒友不同,這樣可以一起探索及感受不同口味的威士忌。其實口味是需要偶爾轉變,你才可以保持味蕾的敏銳度,否則你最終只能習慣某種味而已。我有段時間會喜歡peat味,但之後便喜歡Sherry Cask帶來的細緻風味。口味就一直偏愛傳統Scotch Whisky。」