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The Purest Attitude of Health - Elaine You

醇 粹 健 康 態 度 : 姚 子 羚

Elaine Yiu has a number of good friends in the showbiz, she explored the interesting local culture and enjoyed the delightful gourmet with some of her best fellow celebrities while shooting the “The Sisterhood Traveling Gang”travel programme in Australia. In Elaine’s opinion, it is easy for the actors/actresses to get to know with each other as the TV drama series occupies with most of the time. If she has the same healthy hobbies with someone, they will eventually be great friends. This generous lady is also willing to share her healthy concepts and behaviors to us.


Don’t be fooled by the weak and sorrowful roles of Elaine’s TV drama series, in fact she is an optimistic, active and healthy lady in reality. In early years Elaine was a small forward at Women's Hong Kong Basketball Association-Group B, and she has formed a “Crazy Runner” running squad with Selena Lee, Joel Chan and Mandy Wong. A healthy physique is extremely important for Elaine “Every time when I finish the production of one TV drama series, the another one is going to shoot soon. Thus, I will try to maintain adequate sleep, as well as keep my running habit, in order to ensure good blood circulation, enhance metabolism and keep in good body shape. At the same time, I have enough energy to face the prolonged production work of the drama series. ”


Meanwhile, Elaine’s dedication towards health also reflects in her option towards food and beverage. Last year she started to become a vegetarian and have found unbelievable benefits “Vegetables have many good effects, besides detoxification, my mood has become more calm and not as strain as before.” In terms of drinking alcoholic beverage, this avid healthy lifestyler will choose some wine that is beneficial to her health, and sake is her favourite choice “In fact most of my friend and I are really fond of Japanese cuisine. We usually order sake to pair with the food, and normally they will order Daiginjo. I think the taste of Diaginjo can be fresh and richly mellow at the same time, with the dominated rice aroma and fruity flavours, which is very acceptable for ladies.” Elaine is also very understanding on the advantages of sake “It is said that the amount of amino acid is much higher than in red wine, which is good for whitening our skin. If the weather is very cold in winter, I will drink Junmaishu, as you can heat this type of sake which makes you feel warm and have a good appetite.”


During holiday, Elaine would like to enjoy the festive yet diversified Japanese feast. Normally people are likely to order some quintessential delicacy such as sashimi, Shabu Shabu, their rich palate and charisma will be enriched by the match of the finest sake. If someone who loves Daiginjo, they can taste Junmai Daiginjo which has a more pleasant aroma and a richer taste. The following two top-notch sakes are very suitable to accompany the great dinner with your family.



從電視上容易看見Elaine演柔弱可憐角色,但現實上她是一個積極、好動的健康女士。早年她曾在本地乙組籃球聯賽隊擔任前鋒。而近年她與好友李施嬅、陳山聰和黃智雯等組成「Crazy Runner」跑步團,不時相約一起長跑。對Elaine而言健康體質十分重要:「每當拍完一部劇集,就會馬上準備第二部,所以平時會盡量保持充足睡眠之外,我都會保持跑步習慣,有助保持良好血液循環、新陳代謝,身型線條都會較好看。我同時都會有足夠精神去面對長時間劇集拍攝。」






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