Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  Sept - Oct 


Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  Sept - Oct 


Crave For Meticulousness and Perfection

追 求 細 緻 完 美 : 王 浩 信

The successful acting career of Vincent Wong in recent years is obvious to everyone, from Jackson Lau (Brick Slaves), "Ditch" Kwan Ding-ming (Over Run Over),Saving (My Unfair Lady) and the recent Man San-hap (Legal Mavericks), Vincent is capable to interpret these different roles vividly. As an audience, I can see the acting performance of Vincent from the blinded lawyer Man San-hap is outstanding, this difficult role also consume him with numerous skills and work effort. It is clear that Vincent is a passionate, well-organized actor, I wonder does this perfectionist have any particular requests on wine tasting.

WL : WINE.Luxe   V : Vincent Wong


WL : For your first time to play a blind person, what memorable experience did you encounter during the production of《Legal Mavericks》?


V : When my eyes were blinded, I felt more easy to open my heart to my fellow actors/actresses when my eyes were blinded, as they thought I did not use my eyes to judge their content. Actually communicating with blind people is easier to let down your guard. The sense is as same as drinking wine, my friend and I feel more relaxed to bare our souls under a minor influence of alcohol.


WL : Can you explain the most difficult thing when you act as a blind person?


V : The most difficult condition was learning how to overcome the insecurity of blind. You would be very afraid about crashing anything, and could not know what things were happening immediately. The long-term insecure feeling would exhaust me, so I relied on my hearing slowly, and my ears became my eyes after a period of time. The overcoming of this feeling is a bonus for me, because I discover my hearing is more sensitive than before. Also I can wiggle my ears now(giggle). 


WL : What Important lesson you learn from Man san-hap?

V : I have learnt “Cherish”. I could not see anything at《Legal Mavericks》, so I was glad that I could still use the other four senses. When you lose something you will discover you were very lucky at before, therefore, I cherish my health and time now, in order to allow me to work effectively and able to stay with family.

WL : What are you busy with at the end of the year?

V : I will prepare the publicity of my next drama series 《Heart and Greed》during October and participate the new drama series produced by Lam Chi-wah at the end of 2017 . The new drama series involves boxing scenes, so I will be busy on learning boxing and muscle training.













WL : How does wine appeal to you?

V : Drinking wine is a culture. My native land is at Xinjiang, and the local loves to drink wine. Thus, my family members will drink wine during all kinds of festivals. I tasted with wine since I was young as well, in my opinion, wine is an attraction of relaxation, it brings myself, family members and friends a pleasurable atmosphere. Hence, wine is also considered a part of my life.

WL : What kind of wine palate is your favourite?

V : I am very fond of fruity flavoured wine that layered with texture, no matter they come from old or new world. When I shot《Heart and Greed》in Portugal few months ago, it was my great pleasure to drink their local wine. As my role had to deal with wine business, and I thought the Portuguese wine quality was very nice. On the other hand, the Xinjiang produced wine are unbelievably elegant, I wish wine enthusiasts can taste my native land produced wine.

WL : After the encounter of Portuguese wine, have you ever yearned for the comfortable lifestyle of the country?

V : The production crews and I were very enjoyable for the shooting process in Portugal, its rhythm of life, custom, food and beverage are very attractive, as well as the friendliness of the local people. I wish I can live at there when I retire in the future, and apply the comfortable lifestyle — which is drinking wine while viewing the beautiful sceneries.

WL : I believe you are very fastidious on your lifestyle, do you pay attention to food and wine pairing?

V : Having gourmet and fine wine is very luxurious for me now. During work period I can only have steamed and less oily food for meal. Full-bodied red wine is quintessential for meat while enjoying my holiday moment. Besides, Iberica ham and French Cheese are wonderfully matched with soft yet refined red wine, and they are well accompaniment for my home movie moment. What are spectacular joy for life!

近年王浩信(Vincent)在演藝事業的佳績有目共睹,由黑仔明、渠頭、Saving哥和現在的盲俠都將這些不同類型角色演得絲絲入扣,盲俠更是高難度演出,作為觀眾也看見Vincent花了不少功夫、心機和努力來把角色做得盡善盡美,可見他是一個處事有熱誠、仔細條理的演員,不知力求完美的Vincent 對飲酒又有甚麼要求呢!

WL: 這次《踩過界》,首次演盲人你有甚麼難忘體驗?

V: 原來當雙眼被蒙敝時,我與其他演員對話時更容易打開心扉,因為他們會覺得我沒有用眼判斷他們的說話內容。其實與盲人溝通會更容易放下戒備,感覺如飲酒一樣,微少酒精影響下會讓我和友人更容易互訴心聲。

WL: 飾演盲人最難演是甚麼?

V: 拍攝過程最難是怎樣剋服沒有安全感的感覺,當你不能看見,你會非常害怕碰撞其他東西,甚至不能立刻知道周圍發生甚麼事情。長期沒有安全感的話會很疲勞,所以我慢慢依賴自己聽覺,久而久之我雙耳變成我雙眼。能剋服這種感覺是一種意外收獲,同時我發覺聽覺較之前靈敏,還訓練耳朵可以郁動(笑說)!

WL: 從文申俠身上你學習到甚麼東西來啓發自己?

V: 從盲俠身上學會「珍惜」,因為拍攝《踩過界》時不能經常看東西,便感慶幸還可應用其他四感,原來沒有一樣東西時你會頓時覺得之前是較幸運,所以我現在都會珍惜健康和時間,讓我更有效率工作和陪伴家人。

WL: 年尾你會忙於甚麼?

V: 十月開始我們準備《溏心風暴3》的宣傳工作和年尾參演林志華的新劇,新劇會有打拳情節,所以我會忙於學習拳擊和訓練肌肉。


WL: 葡萄酒對你來說有甚麼吸引力?

V: 飲酒是一種文化。我家鄉是新疆,當地人熱愛飲酒,所以過時過節家人都會飲酒,而我從小都接觸酒。葡萄酒對我而言是一種放鬆的吸引力,帶給我和家人朋友的愉快氣氛。葡萄酒頗屬於我生活的一部分。

WL: 你自己喜歡甚麼口味的葡萄酒?

V: 我喜歡充滿果味、味道較有層次的酒類,不論是來自舊或新世界。數月前我在葡萄牙拍攝溏心風暴3時,更有機會接觸當地紅酒,因為角色需要處理酒類生意,對當地的酒感覺不錯。另外新疆出產的紅酒也意想不到的細緻,我希望飲酒的朋友也可嘗試我家鄉的美酒。

WL: 在葡萄牙接觸當地酒之外,有沒有嚮往當地悠閑生活?

V: 我和劇組都很享受在當地拍攝過程,不論生活節奏、民情及飲食都很吸引,當地人也很友善,若果將來退休有想過到當地生活,可以學習當地人一邊飲酒一邊看美景。

WL: 你對生活想必也有要求,那麼你對酒類配美食有講究嗎?

V: 品嚐佳餚美食現在對我來說很奢侈,平時工作期間我只可以吃清蒸少油的食物。若果放假期間我便會吃一些牛肉配飽滿的紅酒,另外在家中看電影時,會以Iberica ham和法國芝士配合柔和細膩紅酒,算是一大生活樂趣。