Cover Story | 2017  Sept - Oct 


The Rich Italian Cultural Experience: Bellissima Italia 2017

豐 盛 意 式 文 化 體 驗:Bellissima Italia 2017

No wonder Italy is often nicknamed the Bel Paese (It means beautiful country in Italian), extraordinary art-pieces and architectures can be found everywhere around this country. It is also internationally renowned for its gourmet, fashion, automobile industry and splendid sceneries. Italy has a lot of attractive things to discover! Please don’t worry if you do not have any free time to visit this beautiful country. The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macau hosts the grand“Bellissima Italia” festival again during September to December (This year is the third time), which exhibits the Italian culture, lifestyle and iconic “Made in Italy” products to the local citizens and global tourists. Bellissima means “very beautiful” in Italian, and we are glad to meet with Mr. Antonello De Riu,  The Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macau and Chairman of Bellissima Italia, who is going to explain what “beautiful things” from Bellissima Italia 2017 are worth for us to discover!

WL : WINE.Luxe   A : Antonello De Riu


WL : Hello Antonello!Would you mind to explain the aims to host Bellissima Italia?


A : This is our third time to host Bellissima Italia festival since 2015, our counsul would like to raise people’ awareness on the diversified, unique Italian culture and lifestyle through the event, and therefore, we present the great essences of food and wine, fashion, music, opera, movie and visual art etc.. But most importantly, the Bellissima Italia festival is a platform to exchange ideas and knowledge between Italian and Chinese people, enhancing Hong Kong and Macau residents get to know the profound tradition and modernity of Italy, and let Italian organizations know how they think and interpret our cultural diversity.

WL : What are the highlights of the festival this year?


A : We will invite top-notch Italian Michelin chefs to come to Hong Kong and share their culinary style, their cuisine are excellent enough to attract gourmet enthusiasts, as well as accompanied with finest wine. Besides noted fashion event and opera play are involved inside the plentiful schedule, our collaboration with Museo Bellini to display some legendary art-pieces at private events.

WL: What great masterpieces will be shown from Museo Bellini project?


A : There are several iconic artworks that will light up the audiences, from Medusa Murtola(Michelangelo) , The Virgin of the Rocks (Leonardo da Vinci) , some prestigious silver crowns of Medici family (The Royal House of Florence in Renaissance) and Contemporary artpieces. Thanks to the support of Italian Arts Foundation, a social enterprise eagers to encourage and promote art as factor of social innovation and development, our event can borrow the precious art-pieces in a faster way from the Museum. The art-pieces exhibition will be privately held and invite some art collectors to witness the stunning masterpieces meticulously.

WL : How does the Bellissima Italia fosters business and investment opportunities?


A : The Museo Bellini project will raise the interest of investors as well as avid art lovers walk toward the Bellissima Italia. Moreover, Bellissima Italia helps to link up the Italian companies in Hong Kong to participate multiple events, and foster opportunities to allow them meeting each others through wonderful gala dinners, delightful food tasting experiences and exhibitions. At the same time they can enjoy Italian lifestyle.

WL : As an Italian you are always keen to introduce the best things about Italy. In terms of wine, what other Italian wine you would like to recommend?


A : Italy is enriched with extraordinary types of wine, and every regions have their own unique wine. As I come from Southern Italy, I would say their wine are as premium as the Northern regions. I like Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo, both of the white wine are elegant, refreshing and full in texture. I hope the Southern white wine can share the same popularity as the status of Soave and Pinot Grigio. In terms of red wine, Amarone, Barolo and Chianti are classic red wine you should not be missed!

意大利通常都有Bel Paese (意思是美麗的國家)的稱號也不過份,非凡的藝術品和建築物在這國家到處可見,同樣地它的美食、時尚、汽車工業和壯麗風景聞名全球。意大利絕對有很多讓人著迷的事情值得探索!若你沒有時間來臨這美麗國家也不用愁緒,意大利駐香港及澳門總領事館將再次於今年九月至十二月隆重舉行Bellissima Italia festival美麗意大利文化節(今年是第三次舉辦),展示意大利文化、生活品味和具代表性的「意大利製造」產物給港澳市民及來自各地的旅客。Bellissima的意大利語是指「十分美麗」,我們更有幸訪問意大利駐港總領事Antonello De Riu先生,從而理解Bellissima Italia有甚麼「美麗的事情」值得探究!

WL: Antonello你好!請你解釋舉辦Bellissima Italia的目的?

A: 自2015年開始至今已經我們領事館是第三次舉行Bellissima Italia,鑑於提升大眾對多元獨特的意大利文化和生活品味意識,我們藉此文化莭呈現美食佳餚、時尚、音樂、歌劇、電影和視覺藝術等等。但最重要是Bellissima Italia作為一個意大利和中國人的意見知識交流平台,增加港澳居民深入理解意大利傳統和摩登一面,同時讓眾多意大利機構知道他們怎樣想和闡釋我們的多元文化。

WL: 今年文化節有甚麼精彩活動?

A: 我們會誠邀頂級意大利星級名廚來臨香港,分享他們精湛的廚藝。名廚的菜式不單能吸引佳餚愛好者,還與細緻美酒十分相配。另外豐富的活動行程除了擁有顯赫時尚活動和歌劇放映,我們與意大利貝利尼博物館合作並在私人舉辦活動陳列一些傳奇藝術之作。  









WL: 觀眾可以看見那些從貝利尼博物館計劃出現的傑作?

A: 有數幅名作包括美杜莎的頭像(米高安哲羅)、岩間聖母(達文西)、一些美第奇家族(文藝復興時期彿羅倫斯的皇室家族)的尊貴銀鑄皇冠以及一些現代畫作,均會屆時出現在觀眾眼前。全賴致力鼓勵和推動藝術作為社會創作及發展的機構 — Italian Arts Foundation的協助下,我們的文化節才能從博物館更快借出如此珍貴的藝術作品。展示畫作的展覽館會私下舉行,更會誠邀一些藝術收藏家仔細見證大師的畫跡。

WL: Bellissima Italia如何促進商業和投資機會?

A: 貝利尼博物館計劃會提升投資者和藝術愛好者的興致,從而觀賞文化節活動。此外Bellissima Italia 同時連繫香港的意大利公司來參與文化節舉辦的活動,促進大家透過慶祝晚宴、美食品鑑會和展覽來互相認識的機會,並同時享受意大利生活品味。

WL: 作為意大利人你十分樂意介紹任何最美好的意大利事物,那麼在葡萄酒方面你有甚府意大利佳釀值得推介?

A: 意大利不同種類的葡萄酒都是非凡之作,更是種類繁多,每一區都有自己獨有的葡萄酒。由於我來自南意,更肯定它們的酒款絕對如北意的酒款一樣那麼醇美。Fiano di Avellino 和Greco di Tufo這兩款白酒我很喜歡,同時優雅、清新和酒體豐盈。希望南意的白酒可以如Soave和Pinot Grigio 一樣那樣受歡迎。當然經典紅酒Amarone、Barolo和Chianti你也不能錯過!