Cover Story | 2017  Aug - Sept 


SF Best International Wine Challenge 2017

順 豐 優 選 國 際 葡 萄 酒 盲 品 大 賽 2017

As prompted by the market, the number of wine on the market has expanded substantially. At the same time, the lack of assessment benchmark for alcoholic beverage in the area has led to low transparency in quality and hinder the public from making the right choice.

As the most Influential wine magazine in Hong Kong and Greater China, Wine.Luxe Magazine established a new standard of Wine Rating for Greater China Market – “Wine.Luxe International Awards”. The Goal of the competition is to provide a standard of excellence to allow consumers to taste/buy with confidence and determine wines best suited for the market and palate. The results of the competition are of extraordinary significance, so that consumers in the Greater China region can easily understand and find the own wine and spirits that suit their needs as well as the best pairing combinations.


To intensify the communication between the wine industry of local and Mainland, "Wine.Luxe" has teamed up for the first time with SF Best, one of the biggest online shopping mall in the country, to co-organize the debut “SF Best International Wine Challenge”. Aligned with the rating system of “Wine.Luxe International Awards”, the Challenge deemed to assess the wines and spirits in SF Best portfolio in a professional way – all the products are subjected to blind tasting and assessment conducted by members of Hong Kong Sommelier Association and other wine critics.


In the 2 day competition, the judging panel formed by wine experts from Hong Kong and Mainland, wine critics and members of the Hong Kong Sommelier Association gathered at Hotel Kapok, Shenzhen, assessing the quality of 200+ wines and spirits according to a strict marking system. The final score of 100 points was calculated which determined the award the wine should be granted.


After the prolong assessing process, 16 wines were finally awarded with gold medals (as listed below), and the prize presentation was held at Yitian Holiday Plaza in Shenzhen.

“SF Best” International Wine Challenge 2017 Gold Medal Winelist :


  • Golden Grand Bateau Red 750ml

  • De Bortoli Noble One 375ml

  • Domaines Barons de Rothchild Lafite Legende Pauillac

  • Running Horse Creek President’s Merlot LODI 2011

  • Penfolds Bin 389

  • Quixote Le Melange Merlot Napa Valley

  • Domaine Faiveley Mercurey 1er Cru Le Clos du Roy

  • Heminister Private Reserve Meritage LODI 2011

The competition has created a milestone for the co-operation between HK and Mainland wine assessment, while "SF Best" became the first national retailing platform whose portfolio are subjected to professional review.


Representatives from "SF Best" commented that they aimed to offer a product transparency to consumers, so that they could make the most suitable choice according to quality as well as their own tastes. In the future, the company will establish corresponding "SF standard" for other food and beverage products, providing precise information and health guidance to consumers.


Mr. Nelson Siu, Editor in Chief and CEO of Wine.Luxe Magazine expressed his gratitude in co-operating with " SF Best ". He mentioned there will be follow-up operation which is beneficial for both sides. First of all, all the wines awarded with gold medals in the“SF Best International Wine Challenge” are eligible to enter  “2nd Wine.Luxe International Awards” which will be held in August. On the other hand, all the Gold Medal wines in “2nd Wine.Luxe International Awards” will have the opportunity to be promoted to "SF Best" and hit the store shelves in more than 2,000 outlets across Mainland China.


The 2nd Wine.Luxe International Awards will be held at W Hotel from 30th Aug to 1 Sept. The competition this year is going improve in all aspects including the number of participating wine merchants, classification, judging panel, and the interaction with trade and consumers, which make it a big step towards the authoritative wine assessment in Greater China.


  • Yancy Canada VQA 375ml

  • FC Barcelona Tempranillo Crianza 750ml

  • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Merlot 750ml

  • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

  • Kim Crawford Marlborough Pinot Noir

  • Rosemount Chardonnay 750ml

  • Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc

  • MONTES ALPHA Carmenere





而鑑於近年國內葡萄酒市場的急速發展,為進一步深化本港與內地葡萄酒業之間的連繫及交流,《酒‧派》今年開創中港合作先河,首次跟國內網購商城「順豐優選」合作舉辦葡萄酒盲品大賽,比賽形式參照《酒‧派》⸻ 第一屆國際大賽,「順豐優選」所售葡萄酒悉數亮相,接受來自香港品酒師協會的品酒師及其他酒評人品鑑與評核。





「順豐優選」葡萄酒盲品大賽2017 金獎酒款名單︰

  • 龙船庄 金龙船红葡萄酒 750ml

  • 德保利酒庄 德保利贵族一号甜白葡萄酒375ml

  • 拉菲罗斯柴尔德 传奇波亚克法定产区红葡萄酒 750ml

  • 奔馬溪干紅葡葡酒 勞代梅樂 2011

  • 奔富BIN389赤霞珠西拉红葡萄酒750ml

  • 美国昂爵梅洛干红葡萄酒

  • 法莱丽(美格利一级园)红葡萄酒

  • 美那斯特勞代梅特林干紅葡萄酒 2011







《酒・派》第二屆國際大賽,已鐵定於今年8月30日至9月1日假W Hotel隆重舉行。承接上屆比賽的成功,今屆賽事不論在參與酒商數目、酒品分類、評審團份量、以及後續活動方面均更進一步,邁向成為大中華葡萄酒市場內最重要的葡萄酒評審及消費指標。

  • 云惜加拿大冰酒VQA 375ml

  • 巴塞足球俱乐部佳酿干红葡萄酒 750ml

  • 纷赋 黄牌梅洛红葡萄酒 750ml

  • 纷赋 黄牌赤霞珠红葡萄酒 750ml

  • 金凯福黑皮诺红葡萄酒

  • 若诗庄园 配餐系列 霞多丽白葡萄酒 750ml

  • 新瑪利莊園珍匣白蘇維翁750ml

  • 蒙特斯 蒙特斯欧法佳美娜红葡萄酒 750ml