Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  Jul - Aug 


Immeasurable Michelle Wai 

不 能 斗 量 的 衛 詩 雅

"What makes a good actor?"

Michelle Wai, who have been an actress for nine years,
hesitated for a while,
and finally replied by "I don’t know”. 

This may not a bad thing.

To Michelle, acting is a part of life, and life is part of acting. This year, she has six films released, where she played quite different characters – an insomnia patient, a homewrecker, and suddenly a funny innocent girl who hangs out with ‘Meowers’. 

“Every time I indulge myself into the person I acted. I have various ways to do it - observe relevant people, see a film, listen to music with the right tone, or adjust the living environ- ment. I have once acted a girl who doesn’t like colors, for instance, and I changed almost all the decorations at home into a tone of black and white.” 

Michelle kept herself busy last year in exchange for this year's harvest. From the "Cook Up A Storm", "Adien", "77 Heartbreaks", "The Sleep Curse" to "meow", there are significant difference between each character." Amongst "The Sleep Curse" is the most challenging one. The timeline was set in the 1940s. The tone of speech, the rhythm people move, and even the mentality of the people are special and I have to do much research before I know how to act them precisely. Additionally I was cast as a pair of twins sisters in the film, which was a new challenge for me.” 

If you watch her acting with intention, you could feel how persua- sive her performance was. Michelle admitted, "what is the most difficult role to play is the real me!" Indulgence between different roles has made Michelle exhausted and finally she was surprised the real her become a stranger. 

Michelle went to silence for a moment before she talked again, "in fact, I was the child who always hide myself, so I am surprised acting is now an indispensable element in my life now. Every time I act, I get my rewards because I have experienced the life of someone else." 

"In the film' 77 heartbreaks', Mandy dares to love and hate without thinking too much. After I have experienced her life, I found that the real Michelle Wai was far from initiative. I am not brave enough to aspire for what I really love as I concern too much about how people look at me." 

Michelle admitted that acting has somewhat made herself lost, but at the same helped her to discover her multiple personalities. One has to be as flexible as water to accept changes or even transform yourself.

In addition to film, pure, pollution-free water is crucial as well to Michelle’s life. She loves to run and doing TRX in recent years. "I am very concerned about the water quality, particularly those after exercise. It must be rich in a variety of minerals to supple - ment the loss during exercise." In that sense,"Tibet 5100 Natural Glacial Mineral Water", which is sourced from the undisturbed Qinghai-Tibet plateau, become the best choice of Michelle. 

Back to the beginning. If acting is another kind of life, could anyone determine how good you live?





對於衛詩雅來說,演戲是生活的一部分,而生活也是演戲的一部分。今 年Michelle就有六部電影上映,一時要演情緒抑鬱的失眠患者、轉頭 卻成為搶人男友的小三、然後突然又會充滿童真,跟瞄星人打成一片。 

「每次我都會讓自己投入角色。我有很多不同的方法去掌握,觀察相關 的人、看類似的戲、聽某種調子的歌,調整周圍的生活環境,讓自己沉溺在某個世界,將自己變成那個人。有一次我要演一個不喜歡色彩的女生,我幾乎將家中所有裝飾換成黑、白、灰。」

2016是衛詩雅努力耕耘的一年,從年頭到年尾密 密拍幾乎沒休息過,換來的是今年的豐收。從《鋒味江湖之決戰食神 》、《 告別之前 》、《 原諒他77次 》、《 失眠 》、 到《 喵星人 》, 每部戲之間角色背景的轉變很 大。「《失眠》是最具挑戰性的一部。其歷史背景設定 在1940戰亂年代,要掌握舊時人們講話的語氣、動 作的節奏,甚至是民眾的心態,考究起來每一項細節都是功夫。而且,在戲中我要一人分飾兩角,演繹出 雙胞胎姊妹之間的些微差異,對我來說都是新的嘗 試,頗有挑戰性。」

如果你認真看過衛詩雅的戲,你會感受到投入角色 完全難不到她。Michelle坦言‥「現實中的自己其實 最難演!」原來不斷轉換角色,在不同的靈魂中穿梭 來回,真正做回「衛詩雅」的時間反而不多。每當夜深人靜,偶爾妳會驚訝,現實中的自己竟然變得陌生!要Michelle形容自己,她頓時沉默了好一會。「其實 我從小都是家中最怕羞的小孩,因此我很詫異今天, 拍戲竟成了我生活中不可或缺的養份。每演一個 角色,都是一種進步,獲得一些啟發,因為我經歷了別人的人生。」

「 像《 原諒他77次 》中的Mandy,是個敢愛敢恨、不 計後果的女生。投入了她的角色後我更認同她,然後審視自己,發現衛詩雅很多時都不夠主動,不敢做自己喜歡的事,因害怕別人的視線,害怕背負某些『 罪名』。」

Michelle笑說,演戲或許讓她失去自我,也令她更明 白衛詩雅是個多重性格的人。每經歷一次人生,總會 給妳某些閱歷,可是妳本身必需像水一樣寬容,敢於 接受甚至改變自己。


除了電影,Michelle生活中最不能缺少的元素,當然 是純淨、零污染的水。近年Michelle除了跑步保持健 美體態,還愛上了TRX鍛練。「我很注重運動後的水 份補給,選擇的飲品必需富含各種礦物質,以補充運 動期間的流失。」來自青藏高原的5100冰川礦泉水,自然成為Michelle生活上的最佳伴侶。

回到最初的問題。演戲如果是另一種人生,誰能斗量怎樣才是「 演得好 」的人生?