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The 91st Wine.Luxe Challenge

The Great Greek Wine 酒 神 的 禮 物

The 91st Wine.Luxe Challenge : The Great Greek Wine 酒神的禮物

Many scholars agree that Greece was the beginning of the Western civilization, where it excelled in fields including but not confined to philosophy, mythology...


The Indigenous Grapes 希臘的原生葡萄品種

MalMost widely planted red variety in the country but mainly in Nemea, Peloponnese. Its versatility leads to the production of many different styles of wine, ranging from fresh aromatic reds to ...

最廣泛種植的紅葡萄品種,主要散佈於Nemea。很高的可塑性,能釀造出 許多不同風格的葡萄酒,從新鮮芳香到陳年的酒都有。以豐富色澤、複雜香氣聞名,但往往缺乏一些酸度...

The Distinguished Terroir in the Mediterranean 希臘 ‒ 地中海上的微異風土

Greece is located between 34°N and 42°N, where warm and sunny terroir can be...


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