Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  Jun - Jul 


Intoxicate to the World of Script Wayne Lai

醉 心 劇 本 世 界 黎 耀 祥

A professional actor is same as a fine wine that involves the challenges of multiple processes and time. Wayne Lai, the 3 times TVB Anniversary award winning actor, who has worked as an actor for over 30 years. With the great achievement in television industry, Wayne has paid plenty of time to immerse himself into his  roles, hence he has gained elite acting skills but sacrifice lot of time to spend with his family. How does Wayne treat his time on work and on family?


During Wayne’s highschool period, he had already participated on drama for his leisure activity. Then his first job was TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) after graduation, however the funniest thing was he work as an office employee but not an actor. “With the strong belief of the division of blue collar and white collar job in 1980s and the opinions of my dad ‘A good learning guarantee comfortable workplace’, so I decided to find an office job. TVB replied my job application soon and I worked for Advertising and Programming department. I still think working in TVB is arranged by fate. Then my interest on actor was gradually increased, and decided to enroll the acting training course. Eventually I have become an actor until now.”

Throughout the prolonged acting career, Wayne pays his whole effort to analyze the background of the era and explore the characteristic of the role. Sometimes he even discussed with his son “My son has his own thought when he grows up. I am glad that his mind is keen enough to discuss the society and news with me. Occasionally my son also offer some comments for my role, which allows me to have other understanding for the script. ” Although this busy father still have to work on public holidays, he cherishes every moment with his son “We will communicate with Whatsapp frequently even we don’t meet each other. Car and fashion are our common discussion threads. Then I will spend time to hang out with my family members for dinner. Our activities might look simple but the atmosphere is great, just like friends stay together. ”


Wayne claimed he might not celebrate on the exact date of Father’s Day, as he has to handle two important jobs “Recently I have just finished the musical ‘The Storm Show 5D’ in Hong Kong. Afterward, I have to rehearse again for the mainland tour which is performed in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing etc. Also, I will participate on producer Amy Wong’s new drama series in June.” The actor does not whine about his zillion of work, it is because he receives new experience from his new works everytime. “ ‘The Storm Show’ is not my first stage show, but this time I need to manage act, movement and sing at the same time, it is much more difficult than before. However, the grand scene design and the upsurge atmosphere enhance my willingness to fall into the surging world of the plot. For the drama series, I wish to play with a story with the background of time, the clear analysis of character and era, that kind of plot has high and low moments, and the participation process definitely fulfill my acting desire.” The 3 times award winning actors stated he will mainly staying at home and do not hang out with friends when he enters to the acting mode, as purposed to put his entire passion into the role.


Acting occupies the major part of Wayne’s life, the remaining part is the gathering with family members and friends. However, wine witnesses these conditions “Wine is part of the major section of our life, we drink different wine at different occasion— Champagne or Sparkling wine is a great choice to drink with my colleagues at the celebration feast, my family members will taste red wine with me during holiday.”

Actually Wayne also favours with beer, but wine is more unforgettable for him “Red wine has a more complex texture, and its variety and style are richer than beer. Winemaking is similar to acting, both of them also take time to mature and face different trials. Thus, you can also feel the beautiful experiences from the taste of a fine wine.” When I ask what kind of wine is the most acceptable and most unacceptable for Wayne, he answered without any hesitation “I think French wine is the best, it performs excellently no matter with elegant or powerful style. I am not a wine expert so I don’t think of which type of wine or regional wine is bad. But “wine mixing” is not my type, someone dares to mix Champagne and soda together. This act does not only destroying the original personality of the wine, and others have a bad impression on you. ”