Cover Story | 2017  Jun - Jul 


The Young and Promising Chef : Jean-Rémi Caillon

年 少 有 為 Jean-Rémi Caillon

The art of French Culinary has always been highly respected by the F&B industry in worldwide. Besides their institutes have fitted in the modern eating habit and standard by continue evolvement, they have devoted with whole efforts to nurture myriads young and passionate chefs—in order to advocate and thrive French cuisine to everywhere. In a diversified Food paradise like Hong Kong, gourmet aficionados can taste the refined French cuisines at fining dining restaurants, but also fortunate to experience the finest dishes cooked by Michelin starred chef, who is travelled a long way from France.


Recently *Luxe Culinary cordially invited 2 starred Michelin Chef, Jean-Rémi Caillon to come to Hong Kong, as purposed to make an exquisite 7-courses menu for the local gourmet lovers. This young chef is 32 years only, but he had learnt the elite and traditional French culinary techniques from several prestigious Chefs since he was a young apprentice. With the combination of talent, passion, hard work and innovation throughout the career, it is an imposing proof for Jean to create brilliantly refined French cuisine. Now we would like to hear about the ardor of culinary and the philosophy of ingredient usage of this young and talented chef.


*Luxe Culinary, a sensational platform that aims to create extraordinary catering experience by linking you with distinctive chefs around the globe. With the aids of the global network of Wine.Luxe magazine, and the support of Escoffier Hong Kong, Luxe Culinary aggregates the local and foreign elites to form an unprecedented starred chef team.



Jean was born and raised in Roanne, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region — a cultural commune which is renowned for gastronomy and jam-packed with numerous farms at its nearby districts. The excellent environment of Roanne had always allowed Jean to contact with fresh ingredients, and had cultivated him a passion for French gastronomy. Thus, the young boy determined to be a chef and entered the culinary industry at 14, his talent and endeavor caused him to improve continuously, and was apprenticed by some Master Chefs. “At the beginning I worked for Chef Christian Morisset at the La Terrasse restaurant in Hôtel Juana, it opened the way to top gastronomy for me. After continuing my career at the Château de Divonne, I went to Switzerland at the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville, under the direction of chef Philippe Rochat, where I had the chance to learn precision at its fullest. Afterward, I returned to France and worked for 2 years with Philippe Labbé, in the prestigious 5 stars hotel — Château de la Chèvre d’Or, Eze. Thanks to the precious  experience with Chef Labbé, I learnt how to manage the incredible diversity of the different blends of flavours. It was a very technical cuisine. Eventually, Chef Nicolas Sale inspired me to refined my management abilities in Courchevel.”



Jean began his illustrious career via various famous restaurants in Paris, St. Tropez and Courchevel, the unique food ingredients from different regions gave him lots of inspiration to create recipes “Ample sunlight in Southern France helps to manufacture the superb tomatoes, olive oil. In addition, Mediterranean Sea embodies abundant seafood, so I always use seafood as main course in St. Tropez. In Courchevel, I will collaborate with the best farmers by using their fresh vegetables, beef, veal and pork, besides, I also use the high quality products at the nearby places like Savoie, Tarentaise and Rhône Alpes regions. Paris is the gastronomy capital in France, she loves to use the best ingredients from every French regions, which makes me very easy to demonstrate the meticulous essence of French food ingredients.” Jean claimed that seasonal vegetables are his most favourable French ingredients, as they play an important and tremendous effect to the dishes in terms of flavour or garnitures.


The promising chef had specially designed a 7-courses menu for the collaboration with Luxe Culinary, he has always thought that wine could bring chemical action to the dishes, so there were two dishes sauced with wine “The complexity of wine can enrich the flavour through sauces and reduction. It is a very quintessential way to use wine for cooking in France, and I still use today for recipe creations.”


Jean also loves to enjoy wine and find gourmet everywhere when he does not need to work, and Bourgogne red is his most favourite wine “Normally I prefer Bourgogne wine, especially the Pinot Noir from Savigny-lès-Beaune — with elegant structures and unctuous minerality.” During our chat I found that Jean was very interested on Chinese cuisine “Chinese cuisine involves lots of culinary techniques, and it is same as French cuisine that can use a variety of food ingredients and herb. A number of my friends praises Chinese food are very excellent when they travel to Asia. If I have time I will definitely try Chinese food in Hong Kong, and admire this beautiful city at the same time. ”


最近*Luxe Culinary誠邀兩星米芝蓮大廚Jean-Rémi Caillon來港炮製七道精緻法式菜餚。這位大廚只有32歲,但從小已經師承多位名廚學習傳統精湛法式廚技,並透過天賦、熱誠、努力和創造力來締造優雅卓越的菜式。現在我們走進這位年輕星廚的美味人生,傾聽他對烹飪的熱忱和料理運用的哲學。

*Luxe Culinary是一革命性的餐飲概念,其定位為「國際星級名廚及本地私人企業的全方位連結平台」。憑藉Wine.Luxe酒派雜誌於全球範圍內的廣泛網絡,以及Escoffier H.K的協力支援,Luxe Culinary將匯聚本地及海外精英,組成史無前例的星級廚師團隊。


Jean自幼在法國奧弗涅-羅納-阿爾卑斯大區Roanne長大,當地鄰近地區都佈滿廣闊農場,讓他可以經常接觸新鮮食材,加上這裏是美食之都,所以成長的環境令Jean培養對法國美食的熱衷,並加深他立志當廚師的意欲。在14歲時Jean已經成為廚師,由最基本功夫學起,然後透過天賦和努力不斷進步,逐漸受到多位米芝蓮名廚賞識,並成為他們的學徒:「最初我跟隨Chef Christian Morisset在Hôtel Juana的La Terrasse restaurant工作,在當時啓發我對高級美食的認識。然後我在Château de Divonne工作後到瑞士師承Chef Philippe Rochat,在Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville工作時Chef Rochat讓我充分領悟美食的精細。然後回到法國,我在Château de la Chèvre d’Or工作2年,學習怎去應用不同味道的融和來為食物製造極緻的多樣變化。最終在Courchevel師授於Chef Nicolas Sale,優化餐廳管理手法。」即使Jean年紀輕輕,但他的星廚之路絕非一步登天,是靠珍惜多年寶貴經驗實踐而成。



Jean曾在Paris、南法St.Tropez、亞爾卑斯山區Courchevel的著名餐廳工作,不同的地區都設有當地獨特的食材,都帶給Jean在設計食譜時都使用了不少靈感:「南法因為陽光充裕而出產非常上等的蕃茄、橄欖油,加上地中海有很多肥美海鮮,我都會在當地炮製鮮味海鮮作主食。在Courchevel我會與當地最好的農夫合作,沿用他們的新鮮蔬菜、牛肉和豬肉。另外還使用鄰近的Savoie、Tarentaise 和 Rhône Alpes地區的優質產品。而Paris就是法國的美食之都,會沿用所有地區的最佳食材,讓我十分容易向食客展現整個法國食材的精髓。」Jean 在所有法式食材中最愛是當造蔬菜,不論是味道或伴碟都起了重要和驚人的效果。


在這次與Luxe Culinary合作,Jean特別設計了七道精美菜式,當中2道更運用了葡萄酒來作醬料配襯。Jean認為葡萄酒為菜式帶微妙化學作用:「酒其實有種複雜的特性,為醬汁、收汁帶來更豐富的味道。以酒來烹調在法國是非常平常的事情,我依然以酒來創造菜式。」


如果平時不用工作,Jean會盡情飲美酒和到處尋找美食,當中他最愛是布爾崗紅酒:「布爾崗的酒一般的酒我都很喜歡,特別是Savigny-lès-Beaune的Pinot Noir。質感都很細緻,而且餘韻的礦物味很深厚。」閒談之中Jean亦感對中菜感到非常有興趣:「中菜有很多烹調技術,與法國菜一樣都可以運用多種食材和香料,很多法國朋友來到亞洲旅行都會大讚中菜一流。我若有時間的話都會在香港吃中菜,並同時欣賞這美麗的城市。」