Cover Story | 2017  May - Jun 

93 Years Making History

Where The Journey Begins - Ramón Bilbao 

93 年 悠 長 歷 史 - 夢 想 啓 航


Established in 1924 by Ramón Bilbao Murga at Calle de las Cuevas, in Haro, he had already been selling wine in the Rioja region since 1896. The expertise and heritage passed down from generation to generation until 1966, Ramón Bilbao Pozo, the last descendent of the founder died, without leaving an heir. It became a Limited Company in 1971 and is accompanied since 1999 by the family business Diego Zamora S.A.


Set up in 1945, Diego Zamora S.A  is devoted to the production and distribution of fine wines - Ramón Bilbao, Mar de Frades and Cruz de Alba.



Today, Ramón Bilbao owns 160 hectares of vineyards in Rioja and also produces Albarino wines in Galicia. Ramón Bilbao is currently the fastest growing winery in Rioja with an increase of 46.3% on the Spanish market in 2013 and is widely considered one of the country’s most innovative producers in the premium segment.


Ramón Bilbao is the most dynamic and one of the leading wineries in Rioja, awarded the Spanish Wine Producer of The Year & Best Rioja Wine by IWSC! Bodegas Ramón Bilbao has been inheriting decades of expertise in the art of ageing wines since 1924. The result is the production of numerous top quality premium wines year after years, including the Crianza "Edicion Limitada" 2013 - one of the Top 100 Value Wines in 2016 from Wine Spectator.


Remember where you come from: they say we are made of dreams, utopias, hopes. They say we bear our suitcase on our journey crammed with experiences and emotions to be remembered. Our dream, since 1924, makes our heart beat very fast. There is nothing like knowing that you are unique, that you are different, that you were born to convert each glass of wine into a moment of magic.

Rioja born-and-bred, Chief winemaker Rodolfo Bastida pays the utmost respect for the knowledge and experience that comes from tradition, while believes that the future lies in trial and exploration.

“Winemaking can be like painting. You can use a big brush and a big pot of one colour to obtain something that’s pretty bland and uninteresting….

Or you can use a small brush, with lots of small pots of different colours to give character and complexity.”


Bilbao Murga早於1896年開始在西班牙里奥哈區從事葡萄酒生意。於1924年,他於阿羅區創立了傳奇的Ramón Bilbao。了到1966年,該家族的最後一代成員Ramón Bilbao Pozo離世時膝下無子,令酒莊後繼無人。到了1971年,當地的一些酒農為了將該家族優秀的釀酒精神傳承下去, 沿用酒莊名字創立了一間新公司,Ramón Bilbao得以再次從新上路。後來,西班牙最大型的飲品公司之一的Diego Zamora於1999年收購了Ramón Bilbao,繼而大舉投資及優化設備,令酒莊更為革新先進。


Diego Zamora S.A. 於1945年成立,致力生產和銷售高級優質的葡萄酒。其下著名酒莊包括:Ramón Bilbao, Mar de Frades 及Cruz de Alba。


現在Ramón Bilbao在里奧哈區擁有160公頃的葡萄園,同時在加利西亞區生產Albarino葡萄酒。

Ramón Bilbao是里奧哈區內發展最迅速的酒莊,公認為西班牙最具創新精神的高端生產商之一。在2013年, 於西班牙葡萄酒市場佔有率增長高達46.3%。Ramón Bilbao更曾獲IWSC評選為西班牙年度最佳葡萄酒生產商及奪得里奧哈最佳葡萄酒的殊榮,絕對稱得上是里奧哈最具活力的領先酒莊之一。該酒莊延續了世代相傳的傳統釀酒手藝與專業知識,釀製了無數頂級優質葡萄酒,當中包括獲Wine Spectator評選為2016年度TOP 100位的 Crianza“Edicion Limitada”2013。





酒莊的首席釀酒師Rodolfo Bastida於里奧哈出生和成長。他非常尊重傳統的知識和經驗,同時認為葡萄酒的未來在於不斷的嘗試和探索。

Rodolfo Bastida表示:「釀酒有如繪畫。你可以使用一枝大畫刷配以一種顏色,畫出一幅單調乏味的畫作;你亦可以手執一枝小畫刷和配以多種顏色,細膩地描繪出富有個性和複雜性的作品。」