Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  May - Jun 


Exuberant Muse Jeannie Chan

靈 動 繆 思 陳 瀅

A bunch of new generation actresses are emerging nowadays, many of which are called “GODDESS” but apparently not every audience knows who they are. “Who is she? Have you heard of her? What, goddess?” – It seems the term “goddess” becomes nothing now.

Among these new stars, Jeannie is said to be one of the most popular and beloved actresses, who has left a lasting impression among netizens, youngsters, students, white-collars and even many parents. Recognized by her beauty and friendliness, Jeannie has acted in a number of recent TV drama series which have aroused heated discussion, including the role named “Muse” in the comedy The No No Girl. That is part of the reason why I think Jeannie is better called “Muse” than goddess. According to ancient Greek stories, Muse is one of the few goddesses with both intelligence and beauty, who is believed to bring joy, encouragement and inspiration to us. Throughout the interview, I can see this young and exuberant lady has proven her sheer determination and ambition, who really deserves the name “Muse”.



By searching the keyword “Jeannie Chan” in Chinese on the Internet, you can find a lot of things about her like news, photos and forum posts. Thanks to her charm and popularity, we can imagine how this graduate of Canada’s University of British Columbia gains support from the audience enormously, hence lots of Instagram followers as well. From her sweet smile and the way interacting with buddies, it can be observed that Jeannie is a cheerful and hearty person, which is completely opposite to her role in The No No Girl. However, she does not mind to play such role as she can learn something new every time, “I am an energetic, bold and adventurous person, obviously not pessimistic like Muse (in the drama). I love this character a lot, which is so different from my graceful, pretty roles in the past, allowing me to get a kick out of acting. I have also learnt a lesson from her – a goddess can become a ‘no-no girl’ in a minute. The so-called ‘no-no girl’ refers to the lady who lacks determination and hope, being lazy to improve herself, but that doesn’t mean she cannot be successful. If they keep striving for goals and improvement, everyone can become goddess.” Jeannie has spread positive energy with her smile and open-minded personality, which explains why she can stay on the successful path in the entertainment industry.


Without being conceited, this young lady has many advantages with a great ambition, struggling to show everyone her improvement. “I love acting. Whenever I start a new drama, I make every effort to play the role to perfection. I am happy to receive the compliments from netizens about my improvement in acting as it is a concrete proof of my great effort. In the future I hope to hone my acting skills so that everyone knows Jeannie can really act, other than just a photogenic model. I would keep working hard towards this goal.” 

After The No No Girl, Jeannie wants to play some unique roles to satisfy her craving for acting and deliver a fresh new image to the audience. “As I used to learn taekwondo with a black belt, I would like to play the roles of kung-fu and badass women which can exploit my untapped potential. I can be VERY FIERCE (laughing).” 

Jeannie is eager to form her own family besides acting. “Family is the core value of life. I can get along well with children and will put my kids as the first priority by giving them the best.” Despite no idea about when to get married and have child, this muse regards her career as the most important factor at present, but family and career are equally important in her life. 


We all have a muse in our mind so who is “she” in Jeannie's eyes? “Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. Both of them are my role models with outstanding beauty and acting performance, who naturally ooze starry charisma. I can learn a lot from them.”



During summer, refreshing and cool wine is undoubtedly the best choice. How about Jeannie when toasting with her friends? “Red, white, sparkling wine…all are good for me, but I usually stick with white. The sweet Moscato and Riesling and Germany’s Gewurztraminer are my favourite options, perfect as digestifs after dinner. I would pair oysters with refreshing white wine at fine dining restaurants, or pasta with red wine for dinner.”




在網上搜尋陳瀅兩字,就會迅速找到很多關於她的新聞、圖片和討論話題貼,要綜合形容Jeannie的話,不難想像這位樣貌、人氣和學歷(加拿大著名學府University of British Columbia畢業生)俱備的少女容易受不少觀眾支持。在她的Instagram帳號亦有不少人關注,說真的,從她的笑容和閏蜜相處的態度,可以看出Jeannie是一位樂觀爽朗的人,與最近沒女角色「繆思」完全不相符,但她不介意演一些與自己不相似角色,因為從中可以領略一些新體會:「我其實真人都幾好動、大膽和有探險精神,唔會好似「繆思」咁悲觀。不過我都幾喜歡這個角色,一來佢唔似我以前一貫斯文美女角色,令我滿足戲癮;二來我從她身上學識一個道理─任何女士即使『女神』都可以變成沒女,所謂沒女就是當她們變得沒有鬥心、希望,甚至懶惰,每一都不想改善自己。但同樣道理沒女都可以最終變得成功,甚至是女神,只要她們保持努力態度、有鬥志,務求自己不斷進步。」這位可人兒不論在笑容和想法都發放正能量,亦解釋到為何她能在演藝圈發展不俗。




除了事業,Jeannie都渴望將來可以組織一個美好家庭:「自己家庭觀念非常重,我都很喜歡和小朋友相處,將來有子女的話會將他們放在第一位,希望給最好的東西給他們。」Jeannie 自己亦不清楚何時結婚和生小孩,目前會放事業在第一位,但對她來說家庭與事業同樣重要。


每個人心中都有自己的繆思,在Jeannie眼中誰人可以佔領她的位置呢?「我會選Natalie Portman 和Scarlett Johansson,她們兩位都是內外兼備的成功女演員,除了樣貌出眾,還散發一種獨特的星級魅力,同時都有出色的演技。兩位明星都是我的Role Models,有很多優點都值得我去學習。」


夏天來臨,最適合飲一些清爽涼快的葡萄酒,朋友眾多的Jeannie又會選擇甚麼酒來一起暢飲呢!「基本上我任何酒類都會飲,不論紅白汽酒,但會較偏向飲白酒。帶甜的白酒如德國Gewurztraminer,最適合當作飯後甜品。如果到fine dining餐廳吃飯,會以清爽白酒好似Sauvignon Blanc、Chardonnay和Pinot Gris配生蠔,會以紅酒配意粉。其實食飯有少少醉意都唔錯。」