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Cover Story WINE.LUXE | 2017  Mar - Apr 

New World of the New World :

Discovery of Queensland Wine Tour - Part 2

新 世 界 中 的 新 世 界:澳 洲 昆 士 蘭 葡 萄 酒 之 旅 - Part 2

Last issue I introduced the new blood of Australian wine region─South Burnett, Queensland. This time I will introduce the signature wineries in this region one by one, and their iconic wine!

Barambah Wines

With Peter Scudamore-Smith MW at the helm, Barambah Wines is a true interpretation of the Old World. Maybe you cannot tell it is produced in Australia when it comes to blind tasting! Their gateway wine "Travellers" is Peter’s conclusion after travelling around the globe: Travellers Blanco is a blend of South Burnett’s symbolic Verdelho and Semillon, while Travellers Rosso is a fusion of Barbera, Sangiovese and Alicante.


With a definite preference for the Old World, Peter’s Barambah First Grid Cabinet Sauvignon and Barambah First Grid Shiraz are strong Italian styles with great complexity and prominent structure, which are completely different from Australian classics. Peter has a real passion for Semillon as well and this time he presented us with Rack Dried Semillon 2006/2009 and First Grid Rack Dried Semillon 2010/2012, both of which are masterpieces with excellent acidity and balance.


As the first stop of our discovery tour, Peter Scudamore-Smith MW welcomed us in person and proudly introduced South Burnett’s wines, which prepared a good start for our visit.












Kingsley Grove Estate

From cultivation, winemaking to selling, Kingsley Grove Estate is a small family winery wholly managed by Simon Berry and his wife, and houses Cellar Door for wine lovers to savour and purchase their wines. Not to mention the local signature Verdelho and Semillon, they also capitalize on the locally-popular Sangiovese. What surprised me the most are their sparkling alternatives, including TINGLE (produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio), the red-based ZIPP (produced from Chambourcin) and demi-sec rose sparkling TICKLE. What’s more, their 10-year old Port Wine THE OLD FOX would definitely give you an astonishing impression.















Crane Wines & Tipperary Estate

Here comes another small winery. Crane Wines is created by Bernie Cooper and his wife who are responsible for the whole winemaking process, producing Verdelho, Viognier and Cabinet Sauvignon and even operating a B&B – the best accommodation choice for beautiful scenery and comfy weather. On the other side, Tipperary Estate, operated by Craig Gillett and his wife Pauline, not only makes their own Verdelho, Viognier and Tempranillo, but also provides grapes to other wineries.




















Moffatdale Ridge

By the name of “Queensland's Friendliest Winery”, Moffatdale Ridge is a friendly, intimate winery as seen by its owner Jason Kinsella who is a very kind and approachable person. Sparkling Cuvée, Sparkling Rose, Verdelho, Semillon, Reserved Shiraz, Cabinet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Late Harvest White, Late Harvest Red, White Port, Vintage Port, Liqueur and more wines complete a full list for the winery. Each of them is of high quality with outstanding style and flavour. Out of its wonderful selection, Chocolate Port and Roast Macadamia Liqueur are the special picks which complement ice cream or coffee perfectly for a tasty finish.


With live jazz performance on holidays, Moffatdale Ridge’s Cellar Door is a charming restaurant overlooking a panoramic view of the vineyard. The cuisine is prepared with fresh and delicious ingredients by the owner’s wife. If you get a chance to visit South Burnett in Queensland, this winery won’t disappoint you at all.







Clovely Estate

Regarded as the largest winery in South Burnett, Clovely Estate is owned by Brett Heading who is also a lawyer and a large farm owner. Because of their pure love of wine, Brett and his wife started cultivating grapes and olives, and then making wine and olive oil. As a well-famed winery with high quality wine, Clovely Estate is a James Halliday 5-star winery where its Cellar Door was awarded Gourmet Traveller’s “Best Large Cellar Door”.


Let’s discover the comprehensive list of Clovely Estate, including Verdelho, Semillon, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Alicante Bouchet, Saperavi, Shiraz and Merlot. Their Kartlis Deda Saperavi 2012 and Polyphemus 'Passito' Shiraz 2012 are truly outstanding in terms of style and taste. No wonder they have got so many awards and accolades!


During the two-day stay in this expansive vineyard in South Burnett, the owner drove us around his farm and it was like entering the Jurassic Park. We cannot even capture the whole landscape with aerial camera. The room we stayed was elegant and quiet, and we hunted deer meat for BBQ at night. What a memorable experience!








This time the discovery tour in Queensland is truly exciting. Though South Burnett is an unpolished gem with an unusual climate, by putting more effort, gaining more winemaking experience and discovering more awesome grape varieties, this place is set to be another remarkable Australian wine region like Barossa Valley and Margaret River. I believe this rising star will produce more outstanding wine and ultimately become a new power in the wine world someday.

上一期我為大家介紹了澳洲葡萄酒產區的生力軍--- 昆士蘭South Burnett,今次將會為大家逐一介紹這裏代表性的酒莊,以及其中出品的標誌性葡萄酒!

Barambah Wines

由葡萄酒大師Peter Scudamore-Smith MW 親自監修的葡萄酒出品,Barambah Wines的風格絕對是舊世界的演繹,Blind Tasting 時你可估不到是澳洲的葡萄酒!其入門版稱為"Travellers",是Peter周遊列國後對葡萄酒品味的一個總結:Travellers Blanco 是由South Burnett的代表性葡萄Verdelho 再加上Semillon的白酒,Travellers Rosso 紅酒則是Barbera、Sangiovese 和 Alicante 的混合!

Peter 喜歡舊世界的口味,因此他釀製的Barambah First Grid Cabinet Sauvignon 和 Barambah First Grid Shiraz 均有著濃厚的意式風格,複雜性強、結構突出,跟一般澳洲出品完全不同!Peter亦甚喜歡Semillon,今次亦讓我們品嚐了其Rack Dried Semillon 2006, 2009、以及First Grid Rack Dried Semillon 2010, 2012,其酸度和平衡均做得極為出色,是極高水準之作!今次旅程第一站便獲得葡萄酒大師Peter Scudamore-Smith MW 親自款待和介紹South Burnett 的出品,實在為我們這次探訪的目標打了最好的基礎!















Kingsley Grove Estate


由Simon Berry 主理的家族小酒莊,由種植、釀造至銷售均由Simon兩夫婦一手包辦,Kingsley Grove Estate亦設有Cellar Door供愛酒人士到來品嚐或購買其出品。Kingsley Grove Estate當然有本地主打的Verdelho、Semillon,亦出品了這裡流行的Sangiovese;最驚喜的是他們亦推出了數款氣泡酒包括由Chardonnay 和 Pinot Grigio釀造的TINGLE、以Chambourcin造的紅葡萄氣泡酒ZIPP、以及半甜的Demi-Sec Rose Sparkling TICKLE!此外,他們出品的10年Port Wine THE OLD FOX亦甚有驚喜,絕對值得一試!




















Crane Wines & Tipperary Estate

Crane Wines 亦是一個小型酒莊,由Bernie Cooper兩夫婦建立,釀造過程全部「一腳踢」,出品包括Verdelho、Viognier 和 Cabinet Sauvignon 。除了出產葡萄酒外,亦經營小型旅館B&B式民宿,這裡風景優美、氣候舒適,想試試在酒莊住一陣子,這裡是上佳的選擇!Tipperary Estate同樣是由夫妻Craig Gillett和太太Pauline獨立經營,主要為其他酒莊提供葡萄,而自家釀制的葡萄酒則包括有Verdelho、Viognier 和 Tempranillo等。







Moffatdale Ridge

以"Queensland's Friendliest Winery" 作為口號,Moffatdale Ridge絕對是一間非常好客、非常友善的酒莊,因為一看其老闆 Jason Kinsella 便知道他是一位開心果,更是一位非常親切友善的莊主。Moffatdale Ridge的出品非常廣泛、選擇非常多,其整個系列包括有Sparkling Cuvée , Sparkling Rose, Verdelho, Semillon, Reserved Shiraz, Cabinet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Late Harvest White, Late Harvest Red, White Port, Vintage Port, Liqueur 等等,是非常豐富、非常完整的酒單,而且每一款出品均有非常高的質素,風格及味道均十分出眾!其中最特別的是其Chocolate Port以及Roast Macadamia Liqueur,配上雪糕或咖啡均非常可口。


Moffatdale Ridge的Cellar Door是一間非常漂亮的餐廳,餐廳外是一望無際的葡萄園,在假日更有Live Jazz表演;這裏的食物更是由莊主的太太親自烹調,食材全部非常新鮮、非常美味,如果你下次來到昆士蘭South Burnett,到這裏走一趟絕對不會令你失望!










Clovely Estate

Clovely Estate可算是South Burnett最大型、最具規模的酒莊,這裏的莊主Brett Heading本業是一位律師,同時亦經營大型農場,他因為和太太均十分喜歡葡萄酒,因此繼而開始種植葡萄和橄欖,並開始出產葡萄酒和橄欖油,其葡萄酒水準之高更獲得James Halliday 給予五星的榮譽,他們的Cellar Door亦獲Gourmet Traveller選為"Best Large Cellar Door" 是這裏最著名的酒莊及葡萄酒品牌。


Clovely Estate的出品亦非常全面和豐富,其中包括Verdelho, Semillon, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Alicante Bouchet, Saperavi, Shiraz, Merlot等!其中他們的Kartlis Deda Saperavi 2012 以及 Polyphemus 'Passito' Shiraz 2012 更是非常出色的作品,有令人驚艷的風格和品味,難怪他們能獲得這樣多的榮譽和奬項!


今次我們到昆士蘭South Burnett 也有兩天是住在Clovely Estate,這裏的莊園非常龐大,我們跟着莊主到他的農場架車走一圈,就好像進入了侏羅紀公園一樣,用航拍機來拍攝也拍不完;我們所住的房間也非常雅致清靜,晚上我們更把打獵得來的鹿肉用作BBQ,實在是一次難忘的經驗!














今次到昆士蘭的葡萄酒探索之旅,絕對是一次非常有趣的旅程!因為這裡絕對是一顆未經雕琢的寶石,雖然氣候跟其他地區有所分別,但相信經過不斷努力,累積更多釀酒的經驗、發掘更多有趣的葡萄品種,這裏絕對會是另一個知名的葡萄酒產區,正如澳洲的其他產區Barossa Valley、Margaret River等一樣,假以時日,一定會做到越來越出色的葡萄酒,讓世界另眼相看!

Barambah Wines

Tel: (07) 3392 0011

Email: cellardoor@barambah.com.au

Website: www.barambah.com.au

Address: 79 Goshnicks Road, Redgate QLD 4605

Kingsley Grove Estate

Tel: (07) 4162 2229

Email: contact@kingsleygrove.com

Website: www.kingsleygrove.com

Address: 49 Stuart Valley Drive, Kingaroy QLD 4610

Crane Wines

Tel: (07) 4162 7647

Email: info@cranewines.com.au

Website: www.cranewines.com.au

Address : Crane Wines, PO Box 989, Kingaroy, QLD 4610

Tipperary Estate

Tel : (07) 4168 4802

Email :craig@tipperaryestate.com.au

Website: https://tipperaryestate.com.au/

Address : 167 Tipparary Road, Moffatdale QLD 4605

Moffatdale Ridge

Tel : (07) 4168 4797

Email : wine@moffatdaleridge.com.au

Website: http://moffatdaleridge.com.au

Address : 681 Barambah Road, Murgon QLD 4605

Clovely Estate

Tel : (07) 3876 3100

Email : aaron@clovely.com.au

Website : redhill@clovely.com.au

Address : 210 Musgrave Rd, Brisbane City QLD 4059

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