Cover Story WINE.LUXE Cover People | 2017  Mar - Apr 


Hugo Ng - No Boundaries for Good and Evils

吳 岱 融 : 不 為 正 邪 定 分 界

Hero and Villian

I spend more time playing and socializing online than watching TV programmes in these years. However, the last year hot topic ─ the popular villain, Ko Tin-tsau were featured on numerous forums and web news, this phenomenon attracted lots of web users (including me) to watch his video clips impatiently. The act of the actor Hugo Goh did not disgust the audience, on the contrary they were very impressed with his elite acting performance. From performing heroes in the past to performing villains now, I wonder how does Hugo perceive his acting career?

Thanks to the rich information from the internet, I knew Hugo had already risen to fame by the play of great heroes of TV adaptations from Wuxia novels in the eighties and nineties. The elite actor giggled that his body strength was enough to consume at the prolonged production of Wuxia themed TV series. The popularity of this genre is not as popular as before, and the body strength of Hugo is not as fit as twenty years before, he feels happy to continue his acting career and to gain a well-famed role again “I am grateful to receive a huge support from web users, audiences and friends. I can still work for my favourable job, and it is enjoyable for me to play good guy and bad guy. ”

The Support of Family

TV series are not matched with the reality, the realHugo Goh is very well-mannered and humble. He seems to be a hero who is fond of stable life, and his wife and son are very important to him as they get along harmoniously“My family members know my enthusiasm on acting, so they support me to keep on pursuing my acting career, and even watch my performance on site regularly. My son even watch my scene with Grace Chan. My son and I get along with each other very well, we always play together and I do not teach him strictly by lecturing lots of stiff principles. The children in nowadays are very clever and reasonable, I am not the person who scares them, in contrary, their broaden knowledge might scare me (giggle).”

















Glad to be a Kidult

The rise of popularity has gained Hugo lots of work opportunities, his drama has also followed one after another, including the most recent drama series that is playing soon this month ─ “Married But Available”.He reveals his role will bring the audience with freshness “For my new drama I will have a love-hate relationship with Alice Chan, this time I will play a humorous kidult with sauve personality, instead of playing a crook. I seldom act a funny roles, and the atmosphere of the drama is very relaxed. I hope you will like it.”

Actors are passive that they cannot choose an expecting role they like everytime. Therefore Hugo asked a question interestingly to the audience “What roles do you prefer I act? Why don’t you suggest for me, and I do not mind to act it if you like. Give me an opportunity!”

As a wine lover, Hugo Goh usually like to taste different types of wine and spirits “I drank beer all the time when I was young. Red wine is more suitable for my age group, it is very helpful to my health, even my father’s blood vessels are soften after drinking with red wine. Besides, I also fond of brandy, my long-time friends will drink with me sometimes.”